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Went to the prom in 24-year-old mom’s clothes

LENDING DRESSES: Leni Klum (right) went shopping to mum Heidi’s wardrobe (left) before going to a prom.

The choice of clothing attracts worldwide attention.


Daughter Heidi Klum (48) Leni (18) is about to finish high school, and this week was celebrated with a prom.

Leni, who has already started following in her mother’s footsteps, and has been seen in a number of fashion shows around the world – including Dolce & Gabbana herself, has chosen to go for something a little different than the stereo ball gown and tulle , glitter and rhinestones.

She also did not choose a dress from any of the designers she had previously worked with. When she had to choose a prom gown, she chose to take a look at her mother’s wardrobe.

The 18-year-old got to prom this year wearing a classic mum Heidi has obviously enjoyed for many years. The choice fell on a black strapless dress, the 48-year-old she even wore in 1998.

“Night ball in mom’s dress”, Leni writes on Instagram and poses in the “little black” styled with a shiny necklace and bag.

CLASSIC: Heidi Klum wore this dress on the red carpet 24 years ago.

Back in 1998, Heidi Klum styled her dress with black sandals and an open toe and a shiny gold necklace. Mother and daughter thought more or less the same both then and 24 years later!

Leni’s sweet tribute to her mother has been covered by media around the world. InStyle, Today and Page Six is among them.

Heidi Klum does not comment on her daughter’s prom gown choice, but she left an emoji and heart in her eyes under her daughter’s photo on Instagram. All indications are that Lenny’s clothing choices fell on deaf ears with Mama Heidi.

Heidi Klum by strangers left a bright outfit. Did you wear the costume she wore to her last Halloween party?


Published: 18.05.2022 13:50


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