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Caption: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn gave a great interview to the NY Times – it came out this Wednesday

Last week, in my Saturday article, I addressed Hollywood celebrities who considered it necessary to blow their political views to the world and sided either with current US President Donald Trump or with his successor, Joe Biden. Besides them, however, there are a number of well-known celebrities who consider the political involvement of actors to be inappropriate and argue that actors should stick to their hooves and not engage in politics.

These include actor and producer Kurt Russell (69), best known for action and sci-fi films such as Tequila Sunrise, Tango and Cash, Fast and Furious 7 and 8, Boeing 747 in Danger and Stargate. He has also played significant roles in such films as Forrest Gump, Then in Hollywood or Across the Deck. In the latter, his longtime partner Goldie Hawn (75), with whom he has lived for 37 years, also shone by his side. Although it is common today for celebrities to become involved in politics, Russell still subscribes to Hollywood’s old-school rule that they should be primarily entertainers and keep their political views to themselves.

One of the most stable Hollywood couples, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, have been living together on a dog book for 37 years. The film is from their longtime but still popular film Overboard

Actors should focus on what they can do

It was he who, together with Goldie Hawn, stirred up the waters of public opinion in America a few days ago (November 18, 2020) interview for the New York Times, on the occasion of the launch of their new joint film Christmas Chronicle 2. It will have its premiere on Netflix in a few days (November 25). After 30 years since his joint performance in the film Across the Deck, he will reappear in the roles of partners, such as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. “I’ve always been someone who felt we were court jesters. That’s what we can do and what we should do, “Russell told reporters at the presentation of the new film.

Santa Claus in this year’s film

The clown should never fall out of his role

He continued the conversation: “I think it’s sad when actors try to do something other than what they know and what they understand. We have people to have fun, and that’s what we were born for. When Goldie Hawn told him that clowns didn’t always have to have fun, Kurt agreed. “A court jester is not always fun. But the court jester is the only one who can enter the castle, right in front of the king and calmly ridicule him, but he must never fall out of his role, “he said, adding:” I think it has been a big and important part of all cultures throughout history. “But we had a president who was an actor, Ronald Reagan,” Goldie said. “It’s clear the actors can learn it just like anyone else,” Russelll replied. “Well, I’m just saying that Reagan was definitely a well-known actor and a good president. I think it’s everyone’s personal choice if they want to go for it, “Goldie Hawn told him.

And they still look great

Celebrities have no contact with reality

But Kurt Russell is not alone in rejecting celebrity involvement in politics. Some time ago, another actor and producer Mark Wahlberg (49), known for example from the films Transformers, Max Payne, Hidden Identity and Planet of the Apes, expressed a similar opinion. He also claims that celebrities should not talk about politics at all, because “they live in their bubble and are not aware of the problems that other people have to face every day.” When asked why he did not express or support anyone during the election campaign, he replied that they do not feel that way mainly because of their own privileges.

And in love

“A lot of celebrities did it but they shouldn’t. People don’t listen to it anyway. They can buy your CDs or watch your movie, but you don’t give them food. You don’t even pay their bills. Many Hollywood celebrities are out of touch with reality and have no contact with an ordinary, mundane guy who has to take care of his family. I understand the current world very well. I come from it and I exist in the real world. And even though I can orient myself in Hollywood and I love the opportunities it gives me, I also understand what it’s like not to have everything, “he said. Similar views were expressed during the recent US presidential campaign by a number of other celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Dolly Parton, Danica Patrick, who have always kept quiet about politics. “I never talk about politics, I only talk about what I know and what I understand,” says Kevin Hart, 41.

The views of the actors are by no means exceptional

Actress Gillian Anderson (52), best known as Agent Scully from the X-Files and series, said similarly that she did not feel informed enough to talk about US or UK politics, even though she was raised in both countries. “In general, I avoid direct political discussion in interviews because I’m an actress and there’s so much I don’t understand. I do not feel for a moment that I have the right to make such statements. I leave that to people who really understand it. I don’t think my opinions are more important just because I’m an actress, “she told reporters. Country singer, songwriter and actress Dolly Parton (73) has the same views, preferring her artistic career to politics. “If I have anything to say, I will say it, but I don’t want to be drawn into politics. I don’t like talking about politics on television. I want people to know that I am mine and to recognize me for what I can do. I have the same friends both among Republicans and Democrats, and with some political proclamations you can only ruin your career, “says the singer.

Gillian Anderson doesn’t talk about politics, but Margaret Thatcher is currently playing great in the new series The Crown, photo by Netflix

He talks about things he doesn’t understand

Here, too, the bag of actors and actresses, who consider it necessary to proclaim their political views to the world, tore open. Recently, we hear almost daily, for example, the voices of Daniel Hůlka, Ani Geislerová, Jan Hrušínský or Eva Holubová, announcing to us the only (correct) opinion. So should celebrities even comment on politics?

Pop culture and politics are so intertwined that our political spectrum becomes the subject of expression by anyone who thinks that their very opinion is the right one. As celebrity culture and social media become an integral part of our consumption of information, it is related to why celebrities’ popular views on politics should not matter. It sounds harsh, but most of them are not educated in politics to comment on it in a credible way. Most actors, musicians, directors and other public figures are popular because their job is to entertain the masses and make money.

From Anna Geisler’s Instagram. To be fair, we have to add that this is an older post, most newer ones are about the products and companies it works with, most recently it’s fashionable Zalando (you also need to make some money that, nothing against it)

Art is incredibly important to society, but there are limits to the extent to which art should affect you. For example, Aňa Geislerová is certainly a popular actress, but I very much doubt that she has gone through years of education, thanks to which she would be able to talk about topics such as health care, economic policy, China or global warming. I’m willing to believe that she might be interested, but that she would understand, not by chance. Moreover, she simply does not have time to find out enough about these topics so that she can definitively condemn this or that politician.

Celebrities do not have a patent on reason

Celebrities focus primarily on topics that are close to their fans. It is easy for them to show their support for ecological activities, for example, which is quite understandable for their fans. On the other hand, although they may have the best of intentions, it is irresponsible to blindly follow their calls for action against any politician. While celebrities value their political views and want to share them with the world, it’s good to keep in mind that they really only care about themselves as well as the money in their pockets. We live in a society where it is enough to humiliate one politician as many times as someone with a well-known name expresses an opinion on him. And it is the voices of celebrities that legitimize the growing gap between people and the culture of intolerance. Celebrities, of course, have the right to present their views publicly, but they have no patent on reason and their votes should definitely not be decisive. That’s why I totally agree with Kurt Russell and say that clowns should stick to their roles.

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