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What are Private Compute Services in Android for?

You must have noticed that recently a hidden Android app was updated on Google Play. You don’t have to worry, it’s not a virus or anything like that. We are talking about Private Compute Services, an app that allows you to use services in the cloud without running the risk of compromising your personal information. In fact, this is one of the most important services that have come with Android 11 and Android 12.

Is it a service or an app? Both of them, Google is able to update special functions of its operating system faster through minor updates in the app store. Just as if the Instagram application or any other app that you have installed on your mobile were being updated.

What is Android Private Compute Services and what is it for?

Private Compute Services works in the background and with other Google services, housed in a section that is isolated from the compute unit. And they are there to process all the information related to the audio, language and reading of notifications.

To make it clearer, Private Compute Services are part of the entire system responsible for recognize the keywords used by the virtual assistant and also other artificial intelligence functions that make modern smartphones a smarter tool.

Private Compute Services isolate cloud services from mobile processes

From time to time, Google developers update Private Compute Services to improve machine learning algorithm with which they manage to polish all these special functions.

Particularly in the case of this app, as we mentioned before, serves as a wall between the processes of the mobile itself and those carried out in the cloud. Allowing functions such as Live Caption, Now Playing and Smart Reply to work in isolation from the rest of the system processes.

Take a look at the Android Private Compute Services code on Github

Still wondering what these services do? Leave no room for doubt, Google has released the code for this app on Github. If you know programming and are curious to see what is in these Google services, you can have a look without major inconvenience.

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