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What are the consequences if BI Checking penalizes someone? page all

KOMPAS.com – For those familiar with bank credit, of course they are familiar with BI Check. However, now, BI Checking has been replaced with Financial Services Authority Financial Information Service System (SLIK OJK).

Even though the name has changed, ordinary people, even bank employees, are still more familiar with calling BI Checking rather than OJK SLIK.

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OJK SLIK or BI Checking is a file of information related to the history of bank debt and other financial institutions, in this case specifically information on whether credit payments are listed.

Simply put, banks and financial institutions use OJK SILK to obtain information about their potential debt credit history which will be taken into consideration to determine if the debtor is eligible for credit.

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So what are the consequences when someone is exposed to sansi BI Checking?

As when they were always called BI Checking, OJK SLIK is the most frightening spectrum for some bank debt. This is because the bank will certainly refuse credit applications submitted by debtors if they have a bad credit history record.

The information contained in the OJK SILK can be said to be very accurate, because the debtor’s records are collected in the results exchanged between banks and financial institutions.

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The information exchanged in the OJK SILK is the identity of the debtor, guarantor, owner and management (business entity) of the debtor, the amount of financing received, and the history of payment of credit installments, and bad loans.

Banks and financial institutions that exchange information are incorporated into the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), which was previously coordinated by the Bank of Indonesia (BI), but has now moved to the OJK.

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Customer data is provided to BIK members database OJK monthly. The data is then collected periodically by OJK and integrated into the OJK SILK system.

Quotes from Treat Your Money on OJK’s official website, SLIK is an OJK liability management information system aimed at performing supervised work and providing financial information services, one of which is the provision of debtor information (iDeb).

SLIK expands iDeb scope to cover financial institutions, banks and financial institutions (finance) and also for non-bank financial institutions that have access to debtor data and the obligation to report debtor data through the Debtor Information System (SID).

In addition, OJK SLIK is also used for reporting, lending facilities, collateral data, and other data related to various financial institutions, the public, the Credit Information Management Agency (LPIP) and other parties.

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With OJK’s SILK integration, it is expected that the loan application process will be easier.

In addition, OJK SLIK is expected to be able to minimize the number of non-performing loans (NPLs).

Direct impact of BI Checking sanctions

Clients who are sanctioned or included in the list of BI Checking bad ratings are people who have had problems with credit, whether in banks or other financial institutions supervised by OJK.

Those subject to BI Checking sanctions will no longer be able to apply for credit at any financial institution, except at unofficial financial institutions.

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Even if it was blacklisted, debtors can actually still get more loan facilities from banks or other financial institutions, as long as they have paid off all outstanding debts plus interest and fines.

Entering the OJK SLIK blacklist will have no impact as long as the debtor is no longer dealing with banks or other financial institutions.

This OJK SLIK will register all loans or loans from all banks and official financial institutions under OJK’s supervision, including very small loans, regardless of their size.

For example, when a person goes shopping using an IDR 100,000 credit card for meals at a restaurant and then the debtor does not pay his debts, he will automatically enter the BI Checking nut record, aka OJK SLIK.

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