What are the real effects of eating sweets

Most commercial products have a certain amount of refined sugar, from biscuits to chips with various spices, so it is very difficult to control the amount of sugar you end up ingesting.

The link between taste and disease

No sweet is made without sugar, and about this spice the researchers concluded that especially the refined one is involved in both the development and spread of cancer cells.

The higher the amount of sugar consumed, the more serious the health problems can be, because there are problems with excess weight, followed by the onset of diabetes, with an increased risk of developing breast, colon or even prostate cancer in men. .

Some experts have shown that insulin is involved in the development of cancer because it stimulates cell growth factor.

In addition, another aspect that you should reflect on is that a high and constant consumption of sugar weakens the intestinal flora, which helps to develop fungal infections and the most classic example is the bacterium Candida Albicans.

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Addictive foods

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