What are the risks of not participating in the census? When is the due date?

What documents do you need to prepare? Can you do online? How to check if someone who claims to be an accountant is actually an accountant? What is the penalty for non-performance? These are the most frequently asked questions about the census. What is worth knowing about it? We have prepared the most important information for you.

The census will last until September 30. You can write it over the Internet through the website spis.gov.pl or by calling the hotline 22 279 99 99.

The 2021 National Census of Population and Housing began on April 1 this year. It takes place once every 10 years and applies to every person living permanently or temporarily in Poland. It is compulsory. It will last until the end of September.

As explained by the Central Statistical Office, the census covers “natural persons permanently residing and temporarily staying in apartments, buildings and other inhabited premises, which are not flats in Poland, and natural persons without a place of residence”. It also covers “apartments, buildings, collective accommodation facilities and other inhabited non-residential premises”.

The census is carried out using the following methods: obligatory, i.e. the Internet self-enumeration method (CAWI) and supplementary by the telephone interview method (CATI) and the direct interview method (CAPI).


The scope of information collected in the census includes: demographic characteristics, economic activity, level of education, migrations, ethnic and cultural characteristics, or housing resources. There are no questions regarding earnings, income or property status in the census form. A detailed list of questions is available in the tab on the website nazwa.gov.pl.

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Sample questions in the list: Personal data, place of residence, people staying abroad or family relations.

It must be remembered that the census form is available on the Internet 14 days after the first login. What if we don’t manage to do it in time?

We will no longer be able to add any new data to it. This, however, does not preclude our participation in the census. The unfinished form is sent to an accountant who will contact us to complete the missing information.

What about married couples? Does each spouse have to complete the census form? The answer is no. People sharing the same household, i.e. not only spouses, but also children, parents or e.g. in-laws – all of them can write up in one session, one form. It is important that the person filling it is of legal age and knows the PESEL number of their relatives.

It is worth remembering that the refusal to participate in the census involves with a fine of up to 5,000 zlotys. Providing false information is punishable by up to two years in prison.

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