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From February 1, 2021, from many increases will affect the French. Regulated gas prices will increase by 3.5%. These tariffs had already increased by 4.7% in October 2020 and 2.4% a month ago.

The electricity tariffs will also increase from February. As indicated by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), an increase in regulated electricity tariffs of 1.6% on residential blue tariffs from 1 February 2021 has been proposed to the Ministers of Energy and economy. This rise represents 15 euros / year on average on a residential customer’s bill. CRE also proposed an increase of 2.6% including tax for professional blue tariffs.

Cigarettes and tolls are also increasing

The price of packs of cigarettes increases even more on February 1. According to French customs, Camel or News Fortuna packages increase by 10 euro cents.

But besides smokers, those are the car drivers who also dread February 1. And for good reason, the motorway toll prices increases. This increase will range between 0.30% and 0.65% for the largest networks, with an average of around 0.44%.

The new taxi fares will also come into force on February 1, 2021 at the latest. In 2021, the minimum fare for a trip is set at 7.30 euros compared to 7.10 euros in 2019 for all taxis.

What about meal vouchers and “psy checks” for students?

Finally, good news for the French, because of the health crisis, the government announced that the validity date for meal vouchers has been extended until September 2021, whereas they were supposed to expire in February 2021. The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire indicated that the doubling of the daily ceiling of 38 euros for restaurant tickets is also “extended until September 2021 “, to be used in particular for” click and collect “or for home deliveries.

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Faced with the distress of students, Emmanuel Macron announced on January 21 the creation of a “psy-check” on February 1, 2021. The objective is to allow students in a situation of ill-being because of the power crisis consult a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist and follow care.

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