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what clues for Eric’s mysterious star?

TWELVE NOON HITS – A master stroke to end your week in the 12 noon heats! Eric has surpassed the € 500,000 mark in winnings in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game.

[Mis à jour le 22 février 2020 à 11h50] It’s a great week that Eric finishes in the 12 noon rounds. The show’s champion Jean-Luc Reichmann made two master strokes in a row this Thursday and this Friday which allow him to easily erase the bar of € 500,000 in total earnings. The Breton noon master has indeed won € 20,000 to share with a viewer this Friday. This therefore represents gains of € 10,000 for his personal kitty, which therefore reaches the sum of € 513,380. Facing the mysterious star, Eric has access to several clues: the central circle of a football field, a plane of the Second World War and a flag still unidentified. Right now, “Fantastérix” is trying to name names of people who played in films about the Second World War. He therefore proposed the name of Brad Pitt but without success again. Here is the list of names of personalities that Eric has already tested against the enigma of 12 noon shots: Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, Rod Stewart, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Donald Trump, Jean-Paul Belmondo, John Travolta and Renaud.

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The last mysterious star was discovered on February 12, 2020 by Eric, the Breton “Fantastérix” who obtained his value of € 27,375 by discovering the face of Jean-Pierre Castaldi. The champion of the 12 noon shots, however, had many clues at his disposal to find the solution of the noon star earlier. The city of Marseille was referring to its role in the film French connection 2 while the police car was to remind us of its role in Ripoux contre ripoux. The boar was a nod to its role as a centurion in Asterix and Obelix against Caesar and Asterix at the Olympic Games. The space shuttle was also a reference to its small role role in Moonraker. The cable car was that of Grenoble, his hometown. Finally, the television set aimed to remind us of his career in television but also his son Benjamin Castaldi, television host.

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Eliminated on October 10, 2019, Paul left his mark on the year 2019 of the 12 noon shots but also the story in the broad sense of the show by Jean-Luc Reichmann. Aged 20, the young man sat in the daily game from April 29 to October 10, 2019. Suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, this history student in Grenoble explains that he does not play for money but for fun to answer the questions, sometimes tortuous, of the 12 noon shots. Particularly attentive to the figures, he repeatedly corrected errors in the questions asked by the production. Ali, Paul’s father, says his son has changed: “We don’t recognize him”. In Jean-Luc Reichmann, he was also able to find support of choice. When Paul had an anxiety attack in May, the host knew how to calm him down to put him back in the game. At the end of his adventure of 153 participations in the 12 midday strokes, Paul won a kitty total of € 691,522, all with 59 master strokes and 6 mysterious stars discovered. Learn more about Paul in our file on his journey here.

Paul’s farewell to 12 noon shots

The game of musical chairs of the 12 noon strokes has therefore resumed while the fans are still in shock from the elimination of Paul, one of the greatest champions in the history of the game, on Thursday, October 10. The public’s darling was eliminated during a duel which focused on a question of History, its strong point! “Who has been President of the Republic twice without ever having been elected?” A question which ordinarily would not have bothered Paul, a student of History in Grenoble, but which generated confusion in the young man’s mind. This one answered Charles de Gaulle when it was necessary to answer Alain Poher. The law is hard but it is the law, Paul spent the rest of the program in the public, before receiving his check for € 691,522, an impressive prize pool that he has gleaned since April 29 last.

On the set of 12 noon shots, Paul, who is autistic asparagus, returned on his participation in the show. “If I hadn’t had that confidence, I wouldn’t have gotten this far on the show.” He also said that he blamed himself for having had such a hard time answering this last question: “For any question, we blame ourselves a little. I made a confusion. I did not go to orange but I went to direct red. ” Zette, the little voice of the show, even wrote a little song for her that ended like this: “In our hearts, no one can replace you.”

“It pisses!” Paul frustrated with his elimination

Paul therefore left the 12 noon blows with a small disappointment to have confused two presidents of the French Republic while he is a student of History and that in general he is particularly impressive on this kind of questions. At the end of the show on October 10, Paul still expressed his joy at having participated in the 12 noon shots, “and then there is worse as a question” to be eliminated. Recall that Benedict, the last great noon master, was mistaken on a question about the meaning of the expression “the wolf in the sheepfold”. Questioning his eliminated noon master, Jean-Luc Reichmann asked Paul what it was like to follow the program on the other side. The young man did not go there by four paths: “it pisses!” he launched, causing public laughter.

Participations, kitty … His figures in the 12 moves

This Thursday, October 10, 2019, Paul left the 12 noon rounds with an impressive kitty of 691,522 €. It is the second biggest prize pool in the history of TF1’s daily game after that of Christian Quesada (€ 809,392). Paul reigned in 12 strokes for 153 holdings. He therefore climbed to second place on the podium, just below Christian Quesada there again and his record of 193 participations. In terms of master moves, Paul made 60 and he discovered 6 mysterious stars when he was master of noon.

Paul found his last mysterious star on Wednesday October 9 within 12 noon. He had surprised viewers by confusing Cécile de France with Virginie Ledoyen the day before. Several times on the show, Paul made a mistake about personalities to recognize in the noon star. It was certainly due to the size of the screen and the distance between it and it. He had already made a mistake in front of Michèle Torr by proposing the name of Nicoletta and Jeanne Mas for example. But these errors had not had disastrous consequences since Paul always ended up finding.

The participation of Paul, a candidate with Asperger’s syndrome, asked Jean-Luc Reichmann to adapt to allow him to be comfortable on set, which represented a lot of visual and audio aggression. The animator accompanied his foal as a “second father” announced Ali, Paul’s father on the set of 12 noon. And Paul gave it back to him since, over the broadcasts, the young man was calmed and relaxed until he agreed to do things that he did not accept before. For example, he said “I love you” to his parents for the first time on set. He also kissed the other candidates at the end of his career, which he failed to do in his early days. For Paul’s father, his son “has changed a lot” on the show and for the better!

What will Paul do with his earnings?

This is a question that we do not escape when we are a great champion of a game show: what will be the profits of Paul’s huge profits in the 12 strokes of noon? It was his father, Ali, who answered this question on the show. According to him, the money will be used to acquire a small bookstore, Paul being a great lover of readings and books. “The idea is a small bookshop for him. It will be good, it will be quiet. The thing he likes is books since he was little. “On the same show, Paul was a little more measured than his father about how he would like to spend the € 691,522 he won in the 12 noon rounds. “I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe travel and especially buy books “he announced to Jean-Luc Reichmann. This still looks like what his father said but Paul has never talked about the idea of ​​buying himself a library.

Despite all of Paul’s efforts, Christian Quesada remains the undisputed master of the 12 noon strokes with 193 participations and € 809,392 in total earnings. Paul then came in second position with 153 participations and € 691,522 in earnings while Véronique finished in third place on the podium with 100 participations and € 447,226 in earnings. Then comes Timothy with 83 participations and Benoît with 82 participations in all. Benoît was eliminated on the day of his 82nd appearance.

Christian Quesada, the greatest master of the 12 noon shots, is the subject of an indictment for “possession and dissemination of child pornography images” and “corruption of a minor”. Placed in pre-trial detention, the former candidate for the 12 noon blows would have acknowledged the facts of which he is accused but would have refuted any physical contact and any sexual assault of the victims. As a reminder, Christian Quesada is the holder of the participation record (193 victories in a row) and gain (€ 809,392) in the history of the show. He participated from July 4, 2016 to January 14, 2017.

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Nicknamed Zette, the voice-over of the game Les 12 coups de midi is embodied by Isabelle Benhadj. Arriving six months after the launch of the 12 noon shots in 2010, she had met Jean-Luc Reichmann in 1987 on Fun Radio where she was a host. His voice is also present in other television programs like Secrets d’Histoire on France 2.

Like the game of France 2 Everyone wants to take its place presented by Nagui at the same time at TNT program, The 12 noon shots ask candidates to answer general knowledge questions. For his part, Jean-Luc Reichmann tries to learn more about the lives of the participants and breathes dynamism into the program.

The MyTF1 site allows you to view the episodes in live streaming from their broadcast on television. To catch up, the channel also leaves the latest broadcasts in replay.

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