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What computer up to PLN 4,000? Check out our proposal for August 2023

With up to PLN 4,000 to spend on a computer together this month, we can already find really efficient components, and in addition, we can pay a little more for gaming and generally more solid parts. All thanks to significant reductions in component prices.

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Theoretically, a small surcharge between the series for 3,500 PLN and 4,000 PLN, and yet the difference in game performance will be great. The additional payment of the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card increases the performance of classic rendering, maintaining the same performance when the line drawing was activated. Again, also in this segment, we recommend 32 GB of RAM. If you are interested in what such a set of parts for PLN 4,000 looks like, we invite you to familiarize yourself with this proposal, which is already fourth. Our list of recommended computer series.

Recommended gaming computer up to PLN 4,000 in August 2023

Total PLN 3,980.68

The component price difference between the above offer and the previous listing is due to usage put the configurator on the website komputronik.pl – using this tool, the prices of many of the components are lower than when you buy them yourself. All the computer series we propose come from this configurator. We encourage you to use this tool to personalize our proposals for you.

Other than a computer up to PLN 4,000, recommended computer sets:

What is worth knowing about the recommended computer series for PLN 4,000?

Old but springy – the twelfth generation is still doing very well

The 12th generation Intel Core i5 processors introduced last year (except for models with the letter “K”) have only P-Core cores – 6 cores to be exact, which provide 12 threads. Thanks to the then new architecture (which is still present in the 13th generation), these processors manage not only to compete with the then dominant AMD Ryzen 5000, but even slightly overtake them. To date, these processors are positive for both games and everyday applications, which is why the Intel Core i5-12400F remains in our offer – a processor with blocked overclocking options and without an integrated graphics system. This model, despite its high efficiency, actually consumes little power, and thus will be satisfied with quite modest cooling. But this month we decided to recommend a little bigger ENDORF FERA 5 – mainly due to the fact that it tolerates courier transport better, if you wanted to order the recommended set with the assembly option 🙂

The Intel Core i5-12400F is still the best price Intel processor – in games it can handle even the most powerful graphics card.

Graphics card this time we chose again from AMD and again it is Radeon RX 6700 XT with 12 GB of graphics memory. This is a card that is still clearly the more expensive RTX 4060 Ti and the same price RTX 3060 Ti in classic games. Yes – with ray tracing enabled, the GeForce 4060 Ti takes a slight lead, but as recent releases of new games (such as Hogwarts Legacy) have shown, none of these cards are suitable for using ray tracing in its full glory, so it’s better focus on performance without it. The Intel ARC A770 card at a similar price offers lower performance, so there was no dilemma here. The cooling system of such an efficient card is already important (in terms of the working culture of the whole series) and in this respect the proposed ASUS offers a reasonable price-quality compromise, and in addition there is a delicate RGB lighting .

AMD Radeon RX 6700XT is not a hungry card that requires massive cooling – two fans will be enough here.

The motherboard, disk and memory this time do not go to the background

On the side of the motherboard for Intel processors, unfortunately, you have to pay a little more. nonetheless, don’t be tempted by cheaper motherboards with the H610 chipset – it’s a savings that will pay off quickly. We chose an mATX board with B660 chipset – four DIMM slots will allow you to expand the RAM in the future, just as two M.2 connectors will allow you to add another fast SSD in the future. Despite the small size of the board, we will also be able to add an additional expansion card (eg a professional sound card or video grabber), because there is another slot PCI-E 16x at the bottom of the board. Interestingly, although we do not focus on RGB in the series described, the selected board has built-in LEDs (and will allow you to add ARGB strips or fans in the future).

A decent motherboard will ensure a longer life for any washing machine, that is, a PC.

We chose RAM with a clock speed of 3200 MHz (higher officially supported by the selected processor) and again we did not save on capacity and choose modules to provide a total of 32 GB of RAM (see the direction the game industry is headed , this is the only reasonable solution). Here’s how 32 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz CL16 memory from GOODRAM with a metal heat sink has been added to the offer. Of course, the series could not miss a capacity (1 TB) NVMe SSD – this month again on PCI-E 4.0, which significantly increases the linear transfer and will allow you to better use the potential of MS Direct Storage technology . In the future, we can add more memory or more disks with confidence, so we should not feel limited in this matter.

Memory with a red accent, as you know, are clearly faster 😉

The power supply and the housing in such a series are not completely indifferent

Selected components, in particular the graphics card and the processor, can already emit so much heat that the choice of housing should take into account positive air circulation. We return to the previously recommended Genesis IRID 503 V2 model – a housing that is economical in size and stands out with its unusual appearance (although this applies more to the more expensive PLN 100 ARGB version, which did not fit in our budget). Two pre-installed fans will provide the desired air circulation, but nothing stands in the way of adding two more fans, which will further improve the working conditions of the components. At the top, there are three USB connectors (including one 3.0) and two audio connectors for our convenience.

The housing is without RGB, but you can always add them in the future.

The power supply remains unchanged compared to the previous month – not only in terms of the model, but also the power (600 W), so in this case there is not much room for future expansion with a graphics card that more hungry A range of protection and stable voltage control (thanks to the DC-DC converter) are just some of its advantages – right next to the 80Plus Bronze energy efficiency certificate. The only thing missing here is the modularity of the cabling, but the housing chosen in this series will effectively hide unnecessary cables in the basement for the power supply.

The new Vero L5 power supply line offers a higher quality of craftsmanship.

What gaming performance will a gaming computer up to PLN 4,000 offer?

Clearly higher performance of the graphics card than in the computer series for PLN 3,500 had to translate into better game performance. The duo chosen here (Radeon + Intel Core) really allows you to play a lot of games with pleasure, even at 1440p resolution, or use the potential of FHD 240-360-hertz monitors in e-sports games. As we mentioned, the newest games can resist trying to use ray tracing, but the older games can be fun to play with too. Below you can see what real performance you can count on this type of series.

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and Intel Core i5-12400F tested in 30 games (1080p and 1440p)

The video is from the Ancient Gameplays YouTube channel.

Choosing a powerful graphics card allows you to consider such a set of computers as a real gaming computer. We can count on smooth gameplay in Full HD resolution and the ability to play the latest titles at the highest settings. If we use FSR 2.0, then also at 1440p resolution, most games will treat us with a sufficiently high FPS. It is also a positive computer to start your adventure with streaming (thanks to the recently improved drivers and video encoders of AMD cards).

Does such a gaming computer for PLN 4,000 also handle something more than games?

The presence of an Intel Core i5-12400F processor that is just 6-core and 12-thread translates into more than decent performance in non-gaming applications. Unfortunately, the graphics card is a bit worse in this matter – the lack of CUDA core makes the Radeon perform noticeably worse in applications that support the GPU (such as Blender or DaVinci). The positive news is that there is a lot of graphics memory (vRAM) here, which is often critical. In the end, you can work on it quite efficiently, but if this is to be the main reason to buy a computer, we advise you to write in the store about replacing the graphics card with something that has RTX in the name 😉 Fast disk and RAM. memory allows you to interact with the computer in a more pleasant way for mundane tasks, such as MS Office support, but if we expand this RAM, the set can actually be used as an efficient workstation, for example to work with Adobe packages.

Computers also need a system, and sometimes also Wi-Fi

A computer set is one thing, but depending on the situation, other products may also be necessary, such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals – of course you will also find them in the store. komputronik.pl. nonetheless, what in particular can become important, and what we often forget when assembling a computer, is:

Windows 10 now defends itself only with the price – “eleven” to be much better with new equipment.

That’s right – without a system, both a gaming computer and a computer for work will not be useful for much. Let’s also remember that Windows 10 can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free (the process is completely automatic). In addition, the store staff can also ask to add an assembly service – Then we will receive the computer ready to work (including the installed system, if we also add it to the cart). Using such a service, you can also choose a cheaper version of the system (with the OEM note instead of BOX) – the assembly department will handle the installation of the system delivered on DVD.

Is there something missing in the article above?

As we value the opinion of our users, we look forward to your opinion – does such a unit meet your expectations? Are these articles helpful to you? Or maybe you found a more interesting series (than the computer series we recommend) in other stores? Remember that the entire list is updated every month!

Paid cooperation with the online store Komputronik.pl

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