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Bitcoin has risen 84% since September and has shown a higher yield than many popular altcoins. Those can catch up with BTC, analysts say. They named promising coins and predicted how much money can be made on buying them by the end of the year.

Since the beginning of autumn, Bitcoin has shown higher returns than many popular altcoins. In September, there was a correction in the crypto market. Then BTC fell in price from $ 12 thousand to $ 10 thousand, but then the coin resumed growth and by the current moment has risen in price by 83%, to $ 18.3 thousand.

During the same period, the price of Ethereum (ETH) increased by 50%, from $ 320 to $ 480. The Binance exchange token (BNB) in September fell to $ 18, but now it costs 55% more – $ 28. The dynamics of the Ripple token (XRP) for the same period was 32%, now the asset is trading at $ 0.3.

When Bitcoin’s growth is interrupted, investors may start shifting to other cryptocurrencies, which have shown moderate dynamics in recent months. This was the case in 2017. The BTC rate set a maximum of $ 20 thousand on December 17, and then began to decline. Against this background, the XRP token, on the contrary, accelerated its growth and by January 4, it rose in price by 450%, to $ 3.8. The price of the Tron token (TRX) behaved in a similar way. It grew as the bitcoin quotes decreased and from December 17 to January 5 rose by 700%, to $ 0.3.

Altcoins, like bitcoin, retain their growth potential. EXANTE analyst Viktor Argonov is sure of this. He named several reasons for the possible rise in prices for cryptocurrencies. Favorable factors for BTC are May halving and forecast the top manager of Citibank on the possible increase in the rate of the main digital coin above $ 300 thousand, the expert is sure. He considers their higher volatility to be a positive aspect for altcoins.

Argonov noted that Citigroup also expects the dollar to decline by 20% – a good sign for all decentralized cryptocurrencies. Their emission is limited, so they can act as defensive assets against the background of the devaluation of fiat money.

The expert suggested that investors take a closer look at the alcoins that received support from PayPal. Earlier payment system added an opportunity for American users to buy, sell and store Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and pay with them in 26 million stores.

Coins in the top 30 in terms of capitalization also look interesting, says Argonov. Among them, he named cryptocurrencies DASH (DASH) and Monero (XMR), DeFi-tokens AAVE (AAVE) and Uni (UNI). Over the past week, they have grown by 19-23%. The analyst noted that there is an additional factor that increases the likelihood of Ethereum strengthening: the asset is involved in the DeFi field, and interest has begun to return to it.

The leading analyst at 8848 Invest, Viktor Pershikov, also named several cryptocurrencies that make sense to buy against the backdrop of the growth of bitcoin. For example Ethereum. Its rate can rise to $ 550 by the end of the year, and next year – up to $ 700-800. The expert named the expected transition to the second version of the network and the use of the coin in the DeFi sector as the reasons for this growth.

Pershikov also highlighted Litecoin. Due to the decrease in the difficulty of mining the coin, it becomes relevant for miners and medium-term investors. This makes it possible to rise from the current price of $ 72 to $ 100 this year.

Interesting is the BAT token issued by the project that launched the Brave browser, added Pershikov. From his point of view, the cryptocurrency is undervalued and may rise in price by 20-30% from the current value of $ 0.2. In addition, the analyst named EOS and TRX tokens promising. They act as competitors to Ethereum and are investment attractive due to the low base effect. The expert separately noted the popular UNI DeFi token.

Private trader Alexander Boyarintsev added that, on the contrary, he would not invest in DeFi tokens now, since all attention is focused on the rise in the value of bitcoin. When the rally is over, one can already expect a rise in the price of cryptocurrencies related to the DeFi sphere, the expert said.

“In the current situation, with such an extreme growth of Bitcoin at 10% per day, in my opinion, it is worth waiting and not making any sudden moves to invest in DeFi coins. First, we will see the historical maximum in BTC, and only then we can look closely at DeFi, “Boyarintsev said.

Today, November 18, Bitcoin established maximum from December 2017, having risen to $ 18.4 thousand. Investors can start fixing profits. This can lead to a decrease in the BTC rate up to $ 12 thousand.

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