What did the fire of Our Lady awaken in us?

"A trace of Marian spirituality"

Jean-Claude Schmitt, historian of the Middle Ages

During these dramatic days, the cathedral appeared as a landmark and the geographic and emotional center of the entire planet. This cathedral embodies something in the need for religiosity, spirituality, transcendence that remains present in our time, even if it no longer passes through the channels of instituted religion. Because Notre Dame is a monument to such spiritual values, it moves particularly. The building is invested by this search for a surplus of values, beyond the immediate interests of the commercial and individualistic society, its anonymity and selfishness. Read more

"The presence of aesthetic Christianity"

Jean-Louis Schlegel, sociologist of religions

The fire recalled the power, still today, of the Middle Ages in our imagination. He has a dark, violent face (as in the series Game Of Thrones), but also bright, joyful facets. Our Lady and her airy lightness suddenly appeared as the symbol of what remains to us of the best of "cathedral time", of our national history, of what France has made of "beautiful" and which belongs to the whole world. It is true that Catholics expressed a dissonance, a kind of claim to the monument: it was not only a place of culture, but a place of worship and faith. Read more

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