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What disadvantages a high demand for green plants brings

Much wind made: Renewable energies are not only positive.
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Having a clear conscience as an investor is currently very popular. But if too many investors follow the same ideas, this can be disadvantageous.

eHaving a good investment conscience is the order of the day. And so investing according to sustainable criteria is currently the biggest investment trend. This not only shows the number of new funds or bonds that are constantly coming onto the market. The decisive factor is above all the high level of interest shown by investors. The assets invested in exchange-traded index funds with sustainable strategies on the Xetra trading venue alone more than tripled to the record level of EUR 23.2 billion in 2019, according to the German stock exchange.

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And according to a representative survey by the European Bank for Financial Services (Ebase), on average almost half of all Germans think that the importance of sustainability in financial investments will increase in the next twelve months. In the previous year, 37 percent said so. It also shows that it is a broad trend. Younger respondents, in particular, who are less than 40 years of age and who have higher incomes and better school education expect the relevance of sustainable investments to grow. In addition, according to the analysis, on average every second German plans to align their future investments accordingly.


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