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What does the Premier League coronavirus suspension mean for the injured stars of Son, Kane and Tottenham

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Postponing Premier League matches until at least April 4 due to the coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on Tottenham Hotspur and their injury list.

The Premier League, Women’s Super League and EFL divisions were all suspended on Friday morning at least until next month.

There are some fears that football may remain postponed for longer, especially if some teams have to isolate themselves towards the end of the month if new cases of coronavirus are discovered within their teams or staff.

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Spurs had an employee tested after showing symptoms last week, but the result was negative.

What does the suspension of the Premier League mean for Tottenham and their widely publicized injury problems?

On Tuesday evening, after the release of the Spurs Champions League at the Leipzig RB, Jose Mourinho explained the extent of the problem in the North London club and set out to try to qualify for the competition again.

“With the team we have at the moment it will be very, very difficult. These problems will not disappear from today to tomorrow. But we have games to play, games to fight in. You can see in our Premier League games that we fight to the end,” he said. He said.

“So we will fight and the players will have to be very strong to fight with the limits we have. This time we will not recover any players for next Sunday. At least we have a small period, not just two days as we have all the time, we have in four days.

At least physically, players can react better, so yes, we will fight. “

He added: “Imagine Leipzig with Sabitzer, Schick, Werner, do you think they would win as they did?

“Go to the European champions and do an exercise? Liverpool without Salah, Mane, Henderson, Firmino. Do you want to go to Spain and play Barcelona without Griezmann, Messi, Suarez. Do you want to do this exercise with all the teams in the world?

“I think every team in the world would have a hard time losing five or six of their top players, it’s that simple. Looking at it in a very simple and pragmatic way, it’s that simple.”

Mourinho would not have known at that point that the game against Manchester United would be postponed until later in the season, along with the West Ham derby, and potentially beyond the end of the season in May, June or later depending on the size of it. which is found in front of the coronavirus.

While the suspension of the league was the right choice in terms of safety and health of the people involved first and then on the pitch, Tottenham also launches a significant life line in terms of injury problems.

In Germany, when Mourinho was referring to his injury list, it contained Juan Foyth (thigh), Harry Kane (hamstring), Steven Bergwijn (ankle), Moussa Sissoko (knee), Son Heung-min (arm) and Ben Davies ( hamstring).

Sissoko and Davies returned to training fully with the rest of the team this week and Foyth should not have been out for long.

If the Premier League returns in April, then Harry Kane, who started working on the ball last week, previously said he expected to return between “early and mid-April,” which means that there will be many, if any, of the remaining Spurs games.

Son returned to the UK last week from South Korea and, after remaining away from the training ground initially, will begin rehabilitation on Hotspur Way early next week.

Mourinho had previously stated that he hoped to get the popular striker back before the end of the season in his original form.

The Tottenham boss said the club was observing the possibility that Son would play games with a soft cast on his fractured arm.

Bergwin’s severe ankle sprain is considered serious enough that Mourinho did not expect the January signature to return before mid-May.

Any potential delay at the end of the season may still offer the young Dutchman a second chance, but his injury is considered serious.


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