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What Halftime Celebrities Say With The Weeknd | THE IMPARTIAL

USA.- The Weeknd was the protagonist and in charge of animating the Super Bowl halftime at Raymond James Stadium, where he appeared with a classic vehicle and delighted all his followers with part of his greatest hits “Starboy”, “Can’t feel my face “,” Save your tears “among other themes.

The 30-year-old Canadian and with three Grammy Awards in his bag, managed to delight all his fans with his voice, however many of them stayed awaiting the special participation of Daft Punk and Rosalía.

Due to the absence of these artists and being the successor to the presentation of Shakira and Jennifer López, Abel Makkonen fell very short according to users and some celebrities who have already criticized the presentation on social networks that also only lasted approximately 10 minutes.

Erika Buenfil was one of the first figures of the show to comment on the show, and confessed that ultimately she expected more from the presentation.

Another celebrity who could not remain silent was the famous YouTuber, Alex Montiel, who revealed that for him, the game was more fun than the presentation of Selena Gómez’s ex-boyfriend.

Poncho De Nigris, the Mexican actor and one of the influencer who is often surrounded by controversy, described halftime as one of the most boring in history.

And is that despite 11 years of experience and his fame around the world, The Weeknd failed to fill the five stars of his followers, many of them expected to have special guests.

It should be remembered that the previous Super Bowl was present Miley Cyrus, in a transmission through the TikTok platform she covered Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, then “The Climb”, and “Wrecking ball” among other topics that brought her to fame.

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