What happened during this crazy day in London?


Boris Johnson in Parliament this Saturday – AFP / PRU

  • It is a new crazy day that knew the serial Brexit this Saturday.
  • While Parliament was to vote on the agreement proposed by Boris Johnson, a last-minute amendment postponed the date of this vote, once again plunging the United Kingdom into confusion.
  • We explain everything about this umpteenth incident.

We thought we had seen everything about Brexit, but the British still managed to suspend us. Back on a crazy day as only this soap opera knows how to produce them. Let's start with a brief reminder of the initial situation: Parliament had to vote today to allow – or not –
the agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Thursday. An agreement that the Prime Minister
Boris Johnson continued to defend, saying it was "very good for the United Kingdom" and that it had the merit of settling the thorny issue of the northern Irish border.

For the occasion, the House of Commons was open this Saturday for the vote, a historic event since the last time the deputies had gathered on a Saturday back to the Falklands war 37 years ago. Boris Johnson started the day by saying that it was time to move forward, that a postponement would be costly and disastrous, and that we had to "unite" the nation again by taking a decision on the subject that has divided the country for so long. years. In short, there was reason to believe that the schmilblick would finally move forward.

Letwin amendment reverses the situation

That was without counting the Conservative MP Oliver Letwin, who tabled an eponymous amendment proposing that no vote be taken until all the laws registering Brexit in the UK primary law have been passed. However, this process is only planned for next week.

Although he has repeatedly stated that he is in favor of his leader Boris Johnson, he explained his amendment in two reasons. Firstly, the pro-agreements are afraid that even in the case of a positive vote in Parliament, laws will not be passed in time, resulting in a no deal by default on October 31st. Secondly, he pleaded
Parliament that his amendment allowed a less binary vision of things, saying: "The Prime Minister has a strategy, he wants to be able to tell the hesitant that it is his agreement or not agree. Despite my support for the agreement presented by the Prime Minister, I do not think he is responsible for putting the nation in danger by formulating such a threat. "

And now, what do we do?

These arguments seem to have convinced MEPs, since the amendment was voted 322 to 306, putting the future of the United Kingdom even further in the dark. Boris Johnson reacted rather angry after this vote sounding like a disavowal: "I remain convinced that the best thing for the United Kingdom and all Europe is a Brexit with this deal October 31 ".

According to a recent law, Boris Johnson is forced to ask for a postponement of three months to the European Union following this vote. It is therefore forced that the British Prime Minister has sent a letter to the European Council formalizing this request. But according to several British media, Boris Johnson refused to sign it. He instead sent a second letter, signed, specifying that he did not want a new deadline.

Earlier in the evening, he had insisted on his disagreement with British MPs. "I will tell the EU what I have already said to the British people during my 88 days as Prime Minister: a new deadline is not a solution".

"It is quite possible that our friends in the European Union reject Parliament's request for more delay (or do not make a decision quickly)," he added. Inflexible, Boris Johnson assured that he would present "next week" to Parliament the legislation necessary to implement its Brexit agreement. Wait and see … Again …




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