What happens to the body if you eat one clove a day

Experts told how using a popular spice can protect health from a number of ailments.

It turns out that the spice known to many housewives – cloves – is a natural antiseptic, and also slows down the division of cancer cells.

The data on the medicinal properties of the spice are confirmed by science.

So, having chewed just one inflorescence of the seasoning, you can successfully disinfect the oral cavity.

As a result, the chances of fighting infectious diseases that develop in the throat, such as SARS, increase.

Just one clove will relieve the symptoms of colds if eaten at the very beginning of the developing ailment.

With the help of clove tincture, you can fight the problems that arise in the digestive tract.

It can also help get rid of bad breath, while many professional remedies are powerless.

Thanks to the eugenol contained in cloves, the spice prevents the development of oncology, slowing down the process of division of cancer cells.

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