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what is prohibited, what is closed, what is open

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What we have to do at the moment is simply to avoid gathering as much as possible, limit friendly and family gatherings, use public transport only to go to work and only if physical presence at work is essential, leave your home only to do your essential shopping, exercise or vote“Announced Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday evening.

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Overview of what this means.

  • What is closed or prohibited

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cinemas must close their doors until April 15, 2020, according to the decree published this Sunday March 15 in the Official Journal. The measures also concern auditions, conferences, meetings, shows, shopping centers, dance halls and game rooms, libraries and documentation centers, exhibition halls, ski resorts, indoor sports facilities and museums.

The restaurants and hotel bars, with the exception of “room service”, are included in this list.

Any gathering, meeting or activity bringing together more than 100 people in a closed or open environment simultaneously is prohibited until April 15, 2020. Sports meetings in an open environment are now included in the scope of the ban (except sure if the camera brings them back below the threshold of 100 people).

Nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools and universities are closed until March 29, 2020. A daycare service for the personnel who are essential for managing the health crisis will be set up.

Until April 15, 2020, cruise ships and passenger ships carrying more than 100 passengers are prohibited from calling at Corsica, and from calling or anchoring in the internal and territorial waters of the departments and regions of ‘overseas, as well as Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, and Wallis-et-Futuna, unless otherwise specified.

  • What is open or allowed

All the services essential to the life of our fellow citizens will obviously remain openSaid the Prime Minister. This concerns food stores and markets (bakery, fishmonger …) pharmacies, banks, tobacco and press offices or petrol stations.

Pet stores and pet food stores also remain open.

The first round of municipal elections takes place this Sunday, March 15 “as expected“, provided “strictly observe the guidelines for distance and prioritization of the elderly and frailAdded Edouard Philippe.

In addition, boxes of protective masks from the national stock can be distributed free of charge by pharmacies to the following health professionals:
– general practitioners and specialist doctors;
– dental surgeons;
– nurses;
– physiotherapist masseurs;
– midwives;
– pharmacists.

In view of the health situation, in the context of chronic treatment, exceptionally, when the period of validity of a renewable prescription has expired and in order to avoid any interruption of treatment detrimental to the patient’s health, pharmacies may dispense, as part of the initially planned dosage, a number of boxes per prescription line guaranteeing the continuation of treatment until May 31, 2020. The pharmacist informs the doctor.

The events “essential to the continuity of the life of the NationAre maintained. We are talking here in particular of demonstrations, contests, electoral meetings, or even the use of public transport. Yes “urban transport continues to operate“, The government urges the French to limit”their journeys and in particular to avoid interurban journeys

Places of worship will remain open, but rallies and ceremonies will have to be postponed.

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