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What is RNG in an Online Casino?

RNG, or random number generator, is a complex program code that works on the basis of the MD5 algorithm. The RNG is the brain of slot machines as it monitors their operation. The generator is applicable to all games of the online casino – virtual slots, roulette, poker, and other types of entertainment, based on the principle of random coincidences. It is very important because it guarantees the absolute randomness of the results for players, streamers, and gaming clubs, which means that the game will be fair. The main goal of RNG is to ensure the absolute unpredictability of results.

Modern random number generators are significantly different from those of previous periods. These are programs with multi-stage reliable protection and a complex algorithm that prevents the possibility of hacking slot machines. Do casinos pay streamers for advertising RNG as the guarantee of a fair game? According to the source and the words of numerous online casino streamers – the answer is no. Does it mean that slots streamers and other online gambling streamers get any other benefits from it? Probably no. So, let’s have a closer look at this magic gambling mechanism.

How does the RNG work in online casinos?

Having a certain starting point (a number that is taken as a basis), the generator calculates the following values ​​by using the built-in algorithm. The resulting number acts as the next basic number, which the algorithm processes again. This process is repeated multiple times. In theory, calculating the next number is possible, but in practice, it is completely unrealistic. But there is a point that all gamblers should know about if they have doubts about the chosen gaming platform. RNGs are subject to registration by the gambling regulator. Certification is also a mandatory procedure for them. The presence of this certificate indicates the honesty of the resource and the transparency of the casino. Playing on such sites, users have a real chance to receive an impressive cash prize and even a jackpot.

Types of RNG

Nowadays, two types of generators are widespread – a hardware generator of real numbers and a generator of pseudo-random values:

  1. The hardware generator of real random numbers refers to a certain external device connected to the USB port of the server of the gaming establishment. The generation of random numbers occurs by using the starting point. The field of application of such devices includes land-based casinos or gaming halls.
  2. A pseudo-random number generator means a special program code. It uses mathematical algorithms established by the manufacturer. Developers create their own software algorithm that simulates the work of a real roulette wheel, although, in fact, it is far from ideal. The calculation of the next result given by the algorithm is carried out continuously. When pressing the “Start” button, the gambler expects a winning combination of symbols, but it is predetermined even before the game reels start.

The dream of every user is to bypass RNG, with the possibility of determining winning combinations. However, this is almost impossible to do. So, just enjoy the game as it is, and rely on your luck!

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