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What is spent when there are Covid infections at home

A case of Covid-19 in a family hits in different ways. In addition to the concern for health, which is the most important thing, there is the economic expense of getting tests when you have symptoms, going to the doctor, receiving treatments, buying vitamins, and even getting an oxygen tank and recharging it, in cases more difficult.

This, whether or not you have Social Security or ISSSTE, since those who do have it also face saturation to receive medical attention or take tests, and even when going to Public Health there are cases in which they are recommended to make their recovery at home , not being so serious. In addition, as we were mentioned in interviews, there are those who opt for private options thinking that this way they will avoid tumults and more risks of contagion, or that they will thus receive better care.

The expenses, according to the testimonies collected, vary in each family or person, by the number of people infected, how serious the COVID cases are, if they require hospitalization or only treatment at home. It also depends on the type of care each person chooses. In the case of tests, the costs have been resorted to with those of antigen and antibody detection, in addition to PCR, although each method has different degrees of precision and utility.

In the midst of uncertainty, a blow to the pocket

A family in Mexico City who told us their story, estimates that so far they have spent 40 thousand pesos in tests, oxygen, transfers, private medical consultation and medicines for their treatment. In her case, mother, father, daughter and her three children tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Their cases have not been serious to the point of requiring hospitalization, but they have still suffered from the expense. And there is still more, since they plan that the six members are tested for antigens, already after overcoming the coronavirus, which represents about 300 additional pesos, per person.

“He’s very bastard, net embezzes you”, says one of his relatives, who details that for an oxygen tank that previously cost three thousand now they had to spend 6 thousand pesos, in the middle of the pandemic.

As he told you Political Animal on this note, Due to the high demand, the prices of oxygenation equipment, its rent and recharge soared in the Valley of Mexico. Devices that connected to electricity and with a water device generate oxygen, they went from 15 thousand to 80 thousand pesos, according to relatives of patients.

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These expenses occur while the country, in addition to the health crisis, also faces an economic crisis, with the increase in unemployment in the pandemic, reductions in wages and the fall in sales of those who have businesses.

Another case in Mexico City is that of the couple of Pedro and Guadalupe, 56 and 46 years old. They make amaranth products, however, their income has been greatly diminished since March, and another blow came when Guadalupe lost her sense of smell, the first indication of what they would later confirm, that they both had Covid.

Neither of them required the use of oxygenation tanks (and both have already recovered), but still, between tests, consultations and medicines for the Covid treatment, when going to private clinics, they have spent at least 20 thousand pesos.

“They asked me to go to the hospital but I didn’t want to, I preferred to stay here at home”

Mario is a photojournalist and is 49 years old. Since last December 18, he began to have flu symptoms and a severe throat infection. He went to a doctor and was given antibiotics. However, shortly before Christmas he began to have more serious symptoms, “a lot of fever, general pain, shortness of breath, weakness.”

Again he turned to a doctor, a private one, who sent him medications to reduce symptoms as well as injections to prevent the formation of thrombi or clots in the blood, as well as oxygen, to recover at home.

The most expensive were the injections (Clexane), each box with 2 vials cost me 1,800 pesos and I bought 3 boxes, plus about 2,000 pesos for the other medications and the oxygen tank. This one was lent to me by a sister-in-law, but if we add the oximeter, thermometer, masks, I must have spent about 10,000 pesos so far ”.

Regarding why not seek treatment in a public hospital, as people close to him and as recommended by the Health authorities themselves, when there are more serious symptoms, he says he is confident that his case will not get worse and that at home you can recover, using your savings for your treatment.

“In itself you get very depressed with this disease, now hospitalized, without contact with anyone, it must be worse.”

Many consultations and reviews, before possible consequences

Axl is 27 years old. He is a designer in Mexico City. He lives alone in an apartment. His Covid case was mild, and he still spent due to illness.

With the first symptoms, thinking it was just a flu, he went to the pharmacy, near his house, which charged him 70 pesos.

There the doctor only asked him to isolate himself. He spent about 150 pesos on the medicine prescribed for him, for his throat symptoms and Paracetamol.

Later, as the symptoms continued, he decided to go to another doctor, who charged him more expensively, 400 pesos. They did not recommend testing. And he bought medicines for 200 pesos.

The cough continued, and he also felt that the second doctor had not checked him well, so he returned with the first one he had visited. He paid for the 70 peso consultation again, and 120 pesos for a cough medicine.

Then he decided to take the test, in one of the kiosks installed in Mexico City, however, at that time, the results took a long time. So it was better a private laboratory of Salud Digna. There they charged 920 pesos for the test. It came out positive.

After the period of isolation, he wanted to know if there had been no sequelae. “At the suggestion of friends, acquaintances, I decided to go to a specialist,” with a pulmonologist at Hospital Angeles. He paid 850 pesos, for the initial appointment.

“Speaking with the pulmonologist, she told me that I looked fine, but I insisted on wanting to know if there were sequelae or not.” He recommended an X-ray, which cost 350 pesos, instead of a more expensive CT scan. He returned to the pulmonologist, and paid another 850 pesos to help him interpret the study.

Fortunately, he confirmed that he had sequelae in his lungs. He only recommended buying some vitamins, for which he paid 320 pesos.

In total, adding tests, consultations, medicines, studies, vitamins and transfers, Axl has spent at least 4,500 pesos, with a mild case of Covid.

“Here where I live there are still parties, meetings and all that. And maybe they say ‘it’s not going to give me’ or ‘after 15 days it’s going to be taken away from me’, but they don’t think about everything that happens and also the economic part ”.

Professor Leo García, from a technical education college in Mexico City, told us that made an expense of 12,500 pesos, after catching Covid last July. Although he did not require oxygen, back then a PCR test in a private laboratory cost him 3,300 pesos. The next test, when he recovered, cost him 1,300 in Salud Digna. The other heavy expense he made is lung scans, each for 1,600 pesos. To this was added the cost of transfers and medicines.

Expenses for home tests, oximeter, supplements…

Other people contacted for this report told us that they have resorted to Covid tests that are sold at home. Jorge Mondragón, also a resident of Mexico City, told us that he and his partner They bought a test offered by the company Previta for 2,990 pesos, in which they go to the patient’s home to take the sample. Other important expenses, after consulting the pulmonologist, were in medicines and a food supplement of the Usana brand, which they bought for 1,300 pesos. This, in addition to buying an oximeter on the internet for 315 pesos, to constantly check your oxygenation level.

On why buying a test at home and not going to a public place, he mentioned: “going to a kiosk in city halls, if one is already infected, it is a bit risky, since one can infect other people; and if you were not infected and you are close to an infected person, who does not have the proper precautions, then you can become infected ”.

Insurance data

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), as of November 18, 1,015,071 COVID-19 cases had been registered in the country, and of them only 1.54% had insurance for medical expenses.

Of 15,929 cases of insured people who were hospitalized for Covid, the average cost of hospitalization was 376 thousand 328 pesos.

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