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what is “stage 3” of the epidemic?

The measure seemed inevitable: the government decreed the transition to “stage 3” of the plan to fight the Covid, Saturday, March 14, on the eve of the first round of municipal elections. The latest assessment of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in France is ninety-one dead and 4,500 contaminations across the country.

  • Why trigger “stage 3”?

Stage 3 is that of the declared epidemic, during which we see that the virus is circulating and that it is transmissible throughout the country. The containment strategy for stage 2 of the epidemic (intended to curb the spread of the virus) has given way to a strategy to mitigate the disease.

This third stage of the epidemic does not correspond to an increased danger of the virus, but to a different strategy in the face of the crisis. The authorities then had an arsenal of measures, including an influenza pandemic prevention and control plan drawn up in 2011.

  • What are the measures in the healthcare system?

Specific measures are imposed nationally for eight to twelve weeks. The organization plans the complete mobilization of the hospital and city health system, as well as the medico-social establishments to protect the fragile populations, to ensure the care of the patients without gravity in town, and of the patients presenting signs of gravity in establishment. of care.

The clinical evaluation is then carried out by the attending physician. For mild cases, home or ambulatory support is recommended. People in serious condition are hospitalized. Screening tests are reserved for them. The aim is to avoid saturation of hospital capacities. Non-emergency operations are likely to be postponed in order to accommodate the patients most affected by the new coronavirus.

  • What are the other measures?

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cinemas are expected to close, as Edouard Philippe announced on Saturday evening, that is to say all “Places receiving the public not essential to the life of the country”. Shops are also affected, with the exception of food stores, pharmacies, banks, tobacconists and petrol stations, the Prime Minister said. Measures such as teleworking and limiting travel are strengthened.

Stage 4, the last of the gradation, corresponds to “Return to the previous situation”.

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