What is the dark mode of WhatsApp and how can it be activated?


WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world and also the favorite of the Spanish, continues to prepare improvements in its service. One of the next functions that the platform ofFacebookwill incorporate is that of adark mode.

Like other apps and operating systems, WhatsApp has set a goaloffer a much more comfortable user experience in low light environments. Because, who has not crossed messages, for example, from the bed and with the light off? The mobile, and all the functions that it allows us, sometimes accompanies us beyond where we would have thought, and the internet giants have to adapt to these situations as well.

Generally, the dark mode inverts the colors to show, for example, a white text on a black background, and makesthat the screen radiates less light, with two objectives: less damage the eyes and save battery.

The black background damages the eyes less and saves battery. Photo: Shutterstock

Instagram, also owned by Facebook, has been one of the last great applications to join the dark mode.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has not yet included the option in its latest version, but it is expected that the next update will be done, which is also expected to arrive at the option of messages that self-destruct in group chats.

How to activate it

According to the specialized portal WaBetaInfo, the dark mode option will havethree configuration possibilities.

To activate it, the user must access the 'Setting'from the phone, choose'Topic'and there choose between three options: theconventional mode, heDarkand otherdefault or defaultthat allows the application to be shown with one of the two above depending on the exterior light.



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