What is the origin of covid19, according to the WHO

The Director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said this weekend that the origin of the disease is natural, which sets aside the speculations that have been generated about the manufacture of covid-19 in a laboratory.

The official stated that, as mentioned on multiple occasions, “The virus has occurred naturally. All publications (…) point out that it is something that has been generated Natural way”.

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In the same vein, the manager urged institutions, governments, the media and the general public to combat misinformation and fake news, since “put people’s lives and health at risk. They destroy trust in science, in institutions and in health systems. False information is making it difficult to respond to the pandemic. “ And he added that the world must “join forces to fight it and promote information based on scientific evidence and public health “.

To cope with this situation, several United Nations agencies They have made the effort to pool resources to combat false news and denials that have gone around the world and that have made it difficult to fight the spread of the pandemic, indicated the highest authority of the WHO.

“The same principles that we apply to combat the coronavirus pandemic, we must apply them to combat the disinformation pandemic “, WHO stressed.

About 1 million deaths

Calculations from different organizations, such as John Hopkins University, AFP or the WHO itself, indicate that since the pandemic began earlier this year, there have been nearly 1 million deaths worldwide.

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The country most affected by this situation continues to be the United States, as it has registered more than 205,000 deaths in the last six months. Other countries that have shown high mortality rates are Brazil, India, Mexico or the United Kingdom, which have had 141,600, 94,000, 76,000, and 45,000 deaths, respectively.

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 32,915,550 people have contracted the disease worldwide, although, according to AFP, at least 22,574,500 of them have recovered.


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