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What is the problem with education?

Education looks simple: Elementary school, high schools and vocational schools, academia. With a higher degree, the demands and amount of curriculum increase. Nevertheless, different concepts are constantly encountered: One claims that two thirds of the population must be high, others are afraid of the situation. And the concept changes again and again. Why?

I am amused to read the comments on the text, in which I follow up on the latest idea of ​​a new school pension: Well, yes, of course, I have misconceptions. What do I know about that?

Well, all I have to do is explain to you what I know about it: I’m basically the fourth generation of the teaching clan. My great-grandfather founded an elementary school in Austria-Hungary, and I, as a teacher’s child, spent more time in the school and especially in its cabinets before the first grade than most mortals in my entire presence. I was interested in teaching aids – and while others were learning to read, I was already reading books on pedagogy.

It seemed upset with me – and I was strongly warned not to become a teacher myself, which may seem strange, but it’s really hard, underestimated and ungrateful work. But what I took away was the interest in the learning process as such. Already in the 1970s and 1980s, publications on the future of teaching were published, whose visions did not differ so much from the modern ones – small classes, project-oriented education, integrated teaching with transversal subjects and so on. What presents itself today as a revolution was invented long ago.

But at that time it was already clear to me that 1) it requires a lot of money, 2) much smaller groups of students and especially 3) highly motivated students. Which is a problem, because in the real world we come across 1) highly unmotivated students, who need to be hampered by the onset of their crime, 2) sometimes fight with their parents, for whom the teacher is more like a watchdog who has to teach his offspring everything, but not to jump in and serve too much and 3) to find decent teachers somewhere at all, which is a problem with their salaries and social status.

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