What is the risk in the event of an error on his declaration?

What is the risk in the event of an error on his declaration?

Your income tax return must be completed with care. Better to avoid mistakes. The tax administration does not hesitate to sanction omissions, inaccuracies and inaccuracies.

You have not yet declared your income tax ? It is time to take an interest. Especially if you declare by paper form, since you only have a fortnight to send your print to the taxman (consult the tax reporting deadlines). The tax return takes a little time and better not to tackle it at the last moment, in order to avoid any error. An omission, voluntary or not, or an inaccuracy can be expensive. The tax authorities have laid down penalties for taxpayers who make errors on their declaration, errors which lead to a reduction in the tax payable or the increase in a tax benefit. It is possible to avoid these sanctions by correcting errors by means of an amending declaration. The correction must be carried out spontaneously or within 30 days following an amicable recovery from the taxman. After this time, the sanctions fall. An imprecision in the calculation of the tax leading to a reduction of more than 5% of it leads to an increase of 10% of the amount due. Late payment interest may also be applied, up to 0.40% per month. And in case of abuse or fraudulent maneuver, heavier penalties are applied.

We talk about tax evasion when the taxpayer willfully omits to declare, deliberately conceals income or property subject to income tax, or if, more broadly, the latter is organized so as not to pay tax. In this case, the tax administration directly applies an increase of 80% of the tax, in addition to default interest. And the sanctions can even go further. In the event of the discovery of fraudulent behavior, the tax authorities may initiate criminal proceedings. Regardless of the tax sanctions, the dishonest taxpayer faces a 500,000 euro fine and 5 years imprisonment. Sentences increased to 2 million euros and 7 years imprisonment when fraud is accompanied by the production of false documents or if there is the existence of screen organizations established abroad.

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