What is the short-time working allowance and how much? What are the conditions for İŞKUR short-time working allowance and when will it be paid?


The benefit period will not exceed 3 months.

. Short-time working allowance is used for all workers.

. The minimum number of employees is not sought.

. Workplaces that have previously benefited from a different reason may also benefit.

. Those with insurance premiums or tax debts will also benefit, but premiums reported to SGK will be taken as basis.

. The employer can apply, employees cannot.

. The short-time working allowance will be paid to the employee himself and monthly (on the 5th of every month) for periods of absence.

. If the conditions are fulfilled, an allowance can also be obtained for foreign workers.

. Enterprises receiving short-time working benefits can also benefit from all other employment incentives, especially the minimum wage.

. Employee’s general health insurance premiums will be covered by the Unemployment Fund.

. During the short-time work allowance, the employer will not deposit the employee’s short- and long-term insurance premiums.


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