Monday, 10 Dec 2018

What Jose Mourinho texted Man Utd officials about Paul Pogba

Jose Mourinho reportedly told the Manchester United leaders that he could not do anything else with Paul Pogba.

The relationship between Mourinho and the French has been a source of speculation for some time after the dismissal of Pogba from the vice presidency.

Things would have improved recently although it was reported this week that Mourinho had labeled Pogba a "virus" in front of his teammates after the 2-2 draw with Southampton.

Pogba is linked to the fact that Old Trafford has been dislodged from Barcelona and the former Juventus club, both interested.

And now, Mourinho reportedly told United's board of directors that he had no other choice left for him.

United boss Mourinho

The Independent says Mourinho is "embarrassed" about how to deal with the midfielder by £ 89m.

And the boss of United even sent them text messages to tell them that he had tried everything with Pogba to try to make the most of him, without success.

United is back in action against Arsenal on Wednesday night and it remains to be seen if Pogba will be involved.

Mourinho and Pogba in formation

The men of Mourinho are seventh in the Premier League, but the Portuguese are confident they can reorganize Everton to rank in the top six.

"I agree that Manchester United should never be ranked seventh, despite the phenomenal investment made by Everton and, of course, the great improvement of his team compared to last season," he said. he declared.

"But I do not think Everton will be in front of Manchester United by the end of the season, I think everyone knows that there are six teams that should all stay in the top six places . "

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