Friday, 18 Jan 2019

What Kate Wright's engagement ring is REALLY worth since she denies it cost £ 400,000

Kate Wright claimed that her engagement ring would have cost £ 400,000, but an expert in jewelery revealed exclusively what the sparkler cost.

Last week, Rio Ferdinand had proposed a huge diamond to Kate, but today she invoked Instagram to protest the information that it would have cost nearly half a million pounds.

In her Instagram stories, she said, "Wow … .400 k ring. I do not think so. It's the price of a house. Where do they get that garbage?

However, WP Diamonds founder Andrew Brown commented on Kate's gorgeous ring and said that although she was not quite as much as originally planned, she was still worth a pretty penn.

"Kate's engagement ring is probably a colorless diamond of color F and its shape is a radiant square size," he told Mirror Online.

"A radiant diamond offers a beautiful shine and I'm sure it will have impressive clarity. High quality would cost around £ 250,000.

Kate showed her bling

BT Sport asked Kate on the roof of the St Regis Hotel with the help of her children, Lorenz, 12, Tate, 10, and Tia, seven.

The children joined the party holding up balloons that said "She said yes" to mark this special day.

Sharing some photos on Instagram, she wrote: "The cutest of all time".

Announcing the engagement, Kate said, "The perfect end to our vacation … how could the answer be yes?"

Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand on holiday in Portugal

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Kate and Rio started dating in 2017, two years after the death of her 34-year-old wife, Rebecca, from breast cancer.

Kate almost immediately left reality TV to become her full-time mother-in-law with her kids, explaining, "I felt like I had two choices. I lived in a world where dramas were numerous.

"They have lost their mom, they do not need a woman who will go out everywhere.They need someone who will be at home with them to give them love."

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