What rumors about the PS5 and Xbox Series X turned out to be true?

The time has come, the next-gen consoles are for sale. At least if there is stock, but that aside. We now know what they look like, what kind of image they produce, how they sound, etc. There can be no more speculation. But that was of course different for a while. Partly because Sony in particular did not release much about their new console and there were also no events where you as media could test something, we had to talk about rumors. And there were. Bins full. Now both the Xbox Series X as the PS5 officially out, JJ thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of these console rumors. Rumors about the appearance, release date and price and the specs. Which rumors were right now and which rumors were complete bullshit? JJ tells you about the next-gen rumors in this research item: debunked or true?

The appearance of the PS5

One of the things that most people are always curious about is the look of a new console. We now know what the Xbox Series X and PS5 look like. But there was once a period when we had no idea. And then of course rumors come out about shape and size. Because if Sony doesn’t reveal it, we’ll look for it ourselves. Do you remember the leak with the V-shaped console? And that weird, way too big white controller that everyone wrote off? Looking back you can think to yourself “who is going to believe that?”. But at the time there were many people who took these stories seriously. But now the question: did some of these rumors actually turn out to be true?

Prices and release dates

When announcing a new console, many people logically wonder how much the new console will cost and when it should be released. JJ found dozens of rumors. For example, many different prices were mentioned for the Xbox Series X and PS5, ranging from 500 to 1000 euros. And many different dates were mentioned, some even in 2021. There were people who were ridiculous with their prediction at an early stage. You are going to see it in this video.

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