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Lose them Car keys not only mean disgust and waste of time, it could also cost you money and money until your car is stolen. In fact, the joke can be very expensive, especially if you drive a high-end car with a next-generation key that works like a small computer. Neither does it come out cheap duplicate keys with electronic chip or transponder, the most frequent today.

If you have a second key – normally delivered when you buy the vehicle -, in case of loss or loss of one of the games, we can solve the problem long before and more economically. Of course, it is important to check that this second key works and has batteries. And if this is not possible, call your insurance company to help you solve the problem if you have it covered. Normally, it is included in the policy as a roadside assistance service. When we travel, it is even advisable to take the two copies saved in different places.

When you don't have a copy of the key, the solution is obviously more complicated. One possibility is to call someone to pick you up or directly to your insurer to transport the car to a safe place and, if you wish, leave you a replacement vehicle while you get another key.

Fit several possibilities:

-If it is a rental car, you should call the rental company because the second one they keep and they will take care of the problem.

-Call the insurance company. Depending on the insurance policy contracted, it may cover the search and urgent delivery of the second copy of the keys.

-Call the customer service of the brand of the car, as some offer a second key collection service, copying and delivery with minimal cost.

However, yes we lose both keys then we must:

-Call the car brand. This will be in charge of giving us the necessary information to solve the problem, although it will be slower and more expensive than if we keep a copy. First we must prove ownership of the vehicle with the DNI and the car documentation. The price varies depending on the brand, type of vehicle and whether or not we keep the key code (delivered with the car), it can cost between 30 and 300 euros.

-Call the insurance company. In some policies, a replacement car is offered while the key is copied.

With the keys inside

Also, it can also be the case to close the car with the keys inside. Given this situation, it is best to call the insurance company directly to avoid incurring extra expenses. There are different tricks to open the car but most of them can cause damage or mismatches in the vehicle. This practice is not recommended because in many cases they do not solve the problem, in addition the possible damages produced can be very expensive and are not usually covered by the insurance policy.

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