What to know about Wayne Gretzky’s daughter and the golfer’s relationship

With the PGA Tour postponed due to COVID-19 concerns, professional golfers now have ample opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. For Dustin Johnson, this means that he can still prepare for the late tournaments and at the same time enjoy life with his fiancée Paulina Gretzky and their two children. The couple faced some fights in 2018, but now they love life together.

With the two leading figures drawing attention to Instagram after a December trip to the Bahamas, there are now questions about their relationship. Fans want to know if they are married, their family size and what hobbies they enjoy. Are they a couple who go to Las Vegas on every occasion or are they closer to home? Do you follow them around the world for various business activities?

There are many fans who have questions about the celebrity couple, but some of the answers are not readily available. Neither Johnson nor Gretzky publish on social media at the same rate as other celebrities.

Despite publishing a sizable number of photos on a regular basis, Johnson and Gretzky still have a glimpse into their daily lives. In particular, they showed their love for sunny weather and for being in the water.


Johnson and Gretzky have yet to tie the knot, but have been engaged since 2013. The professional golfer asked the question in August and then posted a simple photo of Gretzky’s hand with a ring.

“He said yes !!!!!”, wrote Johnson in the caption. Of course, many fans responded by asking if the golfer had bothered to ask Wayne Gretzky for permission before asking the question.

Beach life

Couples often have the best vacation destinations they frequent during their relationships. Those who love gambling could go to Las Vegas while those who love skiing will head to Aspen. Johnson and Gretzky, however, opt for sun and sand.

Both members of this celebrity couple have posted several photos on their Instagram profiles showing them on the beach. Some images were captured in the Bahamas while others were in unidentified locations.

True love

There has never been any doubt about Johnson and his love for Gretzky, especially after he proposed. However, he doubled when he agreed to appear in an Instagram video.

Gretzky filmed her and some of her friends dancing to the notes of BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies” while Johnson was playing in the background. He didn’t seem amused, but there was a subsequent clip that showed him dancing on the snow.


Johnson and Gretzky have two children together: Tatum, 4 and River, 2. Their futures are unknown, but a video released by Gretzky shows that Tatum is already able to hit the golf ball at a considerable distance.

“We are so lucky to have a happy and healthy child. @Paulinagretzky,” wrote Johnson in the caption of a photo he published in 2015.

Live music

Gretzky has gained some fans with his singing skills. He released the song “Collecting Dust” which was featured on the MTV show Laguna Beach: the real Orange County. He also played “I Will Remember You” in an Edmonton Oilers game.

This love of music translated into his relationship with Johnson. The couple was often present for live performances, standing on the side of the stage while Kid Rock entertained a huge crowd.

Golf trips

As a man with 20 PGA Tour wins on his behalf, Johnson is a busy figure. He often participates in competitions, some of which send him around the world. Gretzky has been present for many of these trips.

One example was a trip to the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club in South Korea in 2015. Johnson was part of Team USA during the Presidents Cup, helping to secure his sixth consecutive victory.

Hockey games

As a daughter of the “Grande”, Gretzky grew up around hockey. She was born in 1988 when Wayne was a member of the Kings of Los Angeles. He later spent time with the St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers before retiring.

Judging from Instagram posts, Johnson and Gretzky love to participate in the games. They were spotted at Dodgers Stadium during a game in Kings. They also celebrated Order 99 at In N Out, which was Wayne’s shirt number.

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