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What to read to inspire a brave journey? A selection of 10 books / Articles

This selection of ten books is an encouragement and a sign – it’s time to dare to go, but never forget that the most important thing is the journey home.

The novel “The Wild Woman”

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Cheryl Strayed “The Wild”

Sintija Zariņa translated from English

Publisher “Star ABC”

American author Cheryl Strayed takes the reader on an incredible adventure in her novel “The Savage”. Pacific Coast Trail (Pacific Crest Trail), which stretches nearly four and a half thousand kilometers across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to the Canadian border, the main character Cheryl has a life-changing trek over several months. The novel is based on the author’s personal action, and although it basically tells the story of a difficult and challenging walk alone across four American states, it is a story of inner transformation, a journey during which one has to break the front . mighty nature, only to plant new roots in a completely fresh soil. .

Not only adventurous readers will read the novel with interest. It is also a reading material for those who seek answers to life’s most difficult questions and hope that the endless long path will be able to answer them.

Novel “Time to light the stars again”

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Virginia Grimaldi “Time to Light the Stars Again”

Translated from French by Agnese Kasparova

Publisher “Star ABC”

For a light-hearted journey through the pages of French author Virginia Grimaldi’s novel Time to Light the Stars Again. What is the best therapy for a life crisis? A trip, of course. Anna, the central character of the novel, is divorced for one such step after losing her job. Chloe, Anna’s teenage daughter and seven-year-old Lily, who can certainly be called the brightest and most colorful character in the book, also travels with Anna on the tour bus. Purpose of the trip? Nordkaps and see the Northern Lights with your own eyes. But in the middle – misunderstandings and fun episodes, repair of broken family ties and self-awareness.

The novel is sincere and a little naive in its simplicity, but the experiences of three women in the family on the road encourage them to talk and meet women in their own families, and who knows, maybe jump on a bus and go, if not in Nordkapp, then at least in Cape Kolka.

The novel “The Children of Time”

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Adrian Tchaikovsky “Children of Time”

Translated from English by Ieva Melgalve

Publisher “Prometheus”

How about an intergalactic journey? Adrian Tchaikovsky, a Polish-born English fantasy novelist, created Children of Time, an incredibly well-written world where people are forced to travel far from a destroyed Earth to find a new place to live. Meanwhile, the planet seen by humans is ruled by spiders – beings more advanced than humans. No matter how strange the plot of the book sounds, do not be afraid and definitely read “Children of Time”. The novel makes us think about people and people, about modern society and the human ability to live with other living creatures.

“Children of Time” is a novel about a journey that will irrevocably expand the reader’s perception. It is a multi-layered message that reminds us that we are allowed to action only a small part of what is possible, but the world is wider.

Novel “The Woman I Think About At Night”

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Mia Kankimeki “The Woman I Think About At Night”

Gunta Pavola translated from Finnish

Publisher “Star ABC”

This is not a book about travel, but about travelers. More precisely, about women who once broke the stereotypes and norms of society, because they dared to do more than what was ordinary and allowed. Yes, also for travel. To be fair, it should be added that the book “Women I think about at night” by the Finnish author Mia Kankimeki is not only about female travelers. It is a whole compilation of inspiring, creative, brave and also crazy (in a positive way) women, whom the author became interested in at some point of crisis in his personal life. Karen Blixen, Isabella Baird, Mary Kingsley, Lavinia Fontana, Yajoi Kusuma – these women’s books will take readers on incredible journeys and encourage them to believe in a woman’s strength and ability to do what is sometimes truly incredible.

The book is an inspiration. To travel, write, draw, everything we secretly dream about at night.

The novel “Chariot to Santiago”

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Kristine Ulberga “Carriage to Santiago”

Publisher “Book of Days”

Anyone who has ever experienced the so-called Way of Santiago in Spain will understand and take what Kristine Ulberg wrote literally to the bone. The nine-hundred-kilometer journey across Spain has been described in dozens of books and told in several films, but the Latvian author Kristīne Ulberga managed to put this feeling of pilgrimage into words and scenes of the mystical border, where dreams alternate with reality, in her novel “Carriage to Santiago”. The central character of the novel goes on a pilgrimage with Aleksi, his girlfriend’s minor son. It is an ascetic path with inner demons torn, this only knowledge is walking as an eternal destination, about man’s ability to always get up after a fall and keep walking.

Kristine Ulberga’s novel “The Carriage to Santiago” will be a delight for literary lovers and an inspiration for all those who dream of their own pilgrimage to Santiago.

The book “I’ll be gone for a while”

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Hape Kerkelings “I will be gone for a while. How I walked on the way of Jacob”

Translated from German by Ieva Zālīte

Publisher “Jānis Roze”

German comedian Hape Kerkelings also experienced the Way of Saint James or Santiago. Unlike our own Kristine Ulberga, the German author of the book “I will go for a while. How I walked on the road to Jacob” carefully documented everything experienced on the road, paying special attention at the funniest moment of the trip. . The German’s natural talent and desire to make his readers laugh while reporting on more serious topics is undeniable. The Way of St. James offers a different action for every pilgrim, and Hape Kerkeling’s action is neither life-changing nor extreme, but perhaps that’s why it’s so interesting.

A book full of zest for life and vigor, which can certainly serve as an inspiration for a trip, a trip, or simply a slightly easier perception of life.

The novel “Room of Wonders”

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Julien Sandrel “Room of Wonders”

Translated from French by Maija Indraša

Publisher “Star ABC”

Another French novel about daring when life is turned upside down. If you think about it, it’s strange that people tend to plan the craziest trips of their lives only when they are in a major crisis. In the novel “The Room of Miracles” by Julien Sandrel, we read about Thelma and her son Louis, who fell into a coma after an accident. The dream diary lets the son serve the mother as a road map for future adventures and an encouragement to finally indulge in a bit of madness and a bit of daring challenge. Singing karaoke in Japan is just one of them.

Although the message of the novel touches on a very sad subject, “The Room of Miracles” is a bright story, sometimes even too naive. nonetheless, it sounds like a reminder to throw yourself into the challenges of life without waiting for a crisis, emotional exhaustion or disappointment in the path of life, so that travel and travel is not only a salvation, but also a reward.

Book “The Greek Suite”

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Gundega Šmite “Greek Suite”

Publisher “Jānis Roze”

Musicologist Gundega Šmite’s book “Greek suite” is a confession of love for Greece. These are the stories of the author’s action, observed and felt in the sun-drenched and blue-white country of the gods, where sirtakis sound, the old men play a traditional board game in the middle of the day, the children play somewhere in the background in. , but above all – enjoy life from birth to death. Each story is like a small love letter to Greece, and when you read them, you want to smile involuntarily, and after reading them, you want to see, enjoy and smell this land for yourself.

Šmita’s texts also contain a lot of music, sounds and conversations heard, we also read the author’s own conversations with the locals – about life, about music, about the gods, about glass strawberry necklaces, but the “Greek Suite” is not a list. at domestic times. It is love dressed in a simple but beautiful language.

The book “Step by step”

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Erling Kage “Step by Step”

Translated from Norwegian by Māra Valpetere

Publisher “Latvijas Mediji”

Summer is also a positive time for hiking, but it’s great if you manage to combine walking and reflection, and the Norwegian author Erling Kage writes about this in his book “Step by step”. It is the story of the author’s action on walks, walks and longer, even extreme walks. Erling Kage confirmed what I also realized – walking really clears the mind and clears the garbage that often enters our minds due to daily running, stress, being and not being. The author also reminds us that after every long journey, we return home – to the same place where we were tired, delighted or worried. Mixing feet does not solve problems, but it certainly allows you to connect with them better.

An inspiring book for all those who dream of an adventure in nature or who have long planned to start ice fishing in a nearby forest. “Step by step” will definitely inspire you to change. Don’t be.

Novel “Respite”

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Primo Levi “Atelpa”

Translated from Italian by Dace Meiere

Publisher “Neputns”

Putting the novel “Respite” by the great Italian author Primo Levi in ​​the selection of travel books is, of course, heresy. The journey home after life in the concentration camp is far from associated with a journey we go willingly and happily. nonetheless, Primo Levi’s Journey Home captures a feeling we often action on long and tiring journeys – the realization that the journey home is actually our most important journey, the one we desire the most, and it begins the moment we step out of the door Primo Levi writes openly, he does not hide difficulties or difficulties.

“Respite” is a description of a harsh and cruel world that once again makes you wonder how much we actually know about the paths and twists of history. That’s just what they tell us in school. A small part of what remains unknown and untold is revealed in Primo Levi’s book about the emotionally and physically difficult homecoming.

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