What to remember from Macron's speech to the mayors of France



This time, he will not have missed the congress of mayors of France. In addressing those he considers to be "Pillars of the Republic", the French president paid them a tribute, Tuesday, November 19, opening of the 102e Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), Porte de Versailles, during a long speech of 1:30. The opportunity also for Emmanuel Macron, four months of municipal elections, to convince them that the"Act II of the quinquennium" is really engaged.

"We meet again but I do not think we really got away. Whenever I move in the Hexagon (…) it is your face that I see among the first, your recognition of the land that feeds me », introduced the head of state.

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After this tribute, the president has taken stock of the "fractures", the main finding that emerges from the months of demonstrations of yellow vests and the great national debate: "Territorial fractures, digital, identity, cultural".

"I want to be judged on acts"he then insisted, before highlighting the projects set up with the help of mayors, including the "action program heart of the city" to revitalize the city centers, the rural agenda, the installation of "France services houses" in each canton, the mobility plan for neighborhoods, the very high speed plan …

On the housing tax, subject of friction that the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) considers as "A big mistake," the head of state said he did what he said: "If voters blame you for the decline, please let me know."

Against the prohibition of community lists in municipal

Mr. Macron then gave a summary of the fight against communitarianism and addressed issues of secularism. aiming "Political Islam" and those who have "A project of separation from the Republic", the head of state claimed that the government would wear "Concrete new actions in the coming weeks", without, however, detailing the content.

He nonetheless voted against the ban on community lists in the municipal elections of March, an idea carried by the right: "It's not about proclaiming the ban to fix the problem", he said clearly, highlighting the difficulty of identifying them.

"What matters is the political fight in action, it is the Republican intransigence, to bring down the masks of those who fight the motto inscribed on the fronton of the town halls (…) You can count on me for to flush them out, to fight them. "

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Not favorable to antipesticide orders

On ecological issues, the president said, without detailing, not to be in favor of anti-pesticide orders, calling on the issue of moderation.

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About the plastic deposit, that "Nothing will be done without the agreement of the mayors". "I believe in an ecology of freedom, of innovation, in the ecology of territories and the capacity we give to them".

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Big debate on decentralization

Highly expected by the city leaders on these issues, the head of state then addressed the subject of a new stage of decentralization, differentiation and deconcentration, a bill is expected in the second quarter of 2020, after municipal elections.

It will be a real test of the executive's desire to give more freedom and responsibility to local authorities.

The head of state took advantage of his speech to say he was in favor of a "Big debate on decentralization", just like before him François Baroin, president of the AMF.

Mr. Baroin had recalled that Mr. Macron had taken himself "This need and this call for a new decentralization" in his conclusions of the great debate to get out of the crisis of "yellow vests". Such a debate should, according to the president of the AMF, make it possible to reach "The twofold goal of reviving the state" and "To offer local freedoms where they are needed".

"We candidates, mayors, we will take advantage of this municipal time to listen to transfers of skills of proximity, to know if in such place and on such subject the state is the most relevant, and if such place and on such subject, it is the commune, the department or the region "continued Baroin, after a rather consensual speech, despite criticism, including tax policy.


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