Friday, 18 Jan 2019

What to watch on TV tonight: 'Room 104' is coming back for Season 2, etc.

Room 104 (HBO at 11:30 am) Grace (Charlyne Yi) and her friends make a trip for her birthday, but their pleasant moments are collapsed by Grace's older sister, who presents herself uninvited, during the first episode of the season 2. (Tyler Golden / HBO)

(All the time is.)

Blind spot (NBC at 8) The team is trying to stop a group of eco-terrorists.

Crazy ex-girlfriend (CW at age 9) Rebecca tries to cope with the changing lives of Heather and Valencia.

Blue blood (CBS at 10 am) The man accused of torching Danny's house resurfaced.


Beat (Prime streaming) German police drama based on the scene of Berlin clubs.

Western coast (Netflix streaming) The stories of nine Hollywood musicians trying to make things big.

The Queen of Flows (Netflix streaming) A songwriter seeks revenge 17 years after being wrongly convicted.

King outlaw (Netflix streaming) The story of Robert the Bruce, who led the fight to help the Scots reclaim their country from British rule in the 14th century.

Medal of Honor (Netflix streaming) A docuseries reconstructing the stories of those who received the medal.

Built Holiday Cookie (Cooking at 10:00 am) Brenda Nibley and Salt Lake City duo Alisha Nuttall concoct incredible cookie dough creations.


Patriot (Prime streaming) Season 2.

The great British pastry show (Streaming Netflix) Season 6.

Late at night

Real time with Bill Maher Bob Woodward, Sarah Silverman, Cornell Belcher, Katty Kay and Bret Stephens.

Tonight show / Fallon (NBC at 11:34) Mark Wahlberg, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Zac Brown Band.

Late Show / Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Alexander Skarsgard.

Sarah Polus


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