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What will be seen in chapter 7 of WandaVisión in Disney Plus – Connoisseurs.com

From this Friday 19, what will be seen in chapter 7 of WandaVisión? Marvel’s first series continues to stomp on Disney Plus, capturing attention with its interesting and unpredictable story, creating a unique aura of mystery around its main characters, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). After the unexpected appearance at the end of the fifth episode, of Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver who first met on X-Men, Evan Peters, the series raised the bar even further.

SPOILERS ALERT. With Wanda’s brother back, things changed in the sixth part, giving rise to a new setting for the sitcom, this time the 90s. With marked references, among others to “Malcolm in the Middle”, seen from the show’s opening up to Billy breaking the fourth wall like Malcolm did, and with moments of humor began episode 6.

In it, it is evident that the twins of Wanda and Vision begin to be aware of their powers. Going to the comics, both Billy “Wiccan” and Tommy “Speed” are members of the “Young Avengers” and both boast similar abilities to their mother and uncle.

Pietro is shown in a strange way, as he is constantly making incisive comments towards Wanda and at times he even seems to be trying to extract information from her. The main theories suggest, on the one hand, that this “Quicksilver” is being manipulated by the enemy, and on the other, that he is the enemy himself using his appearance.

On the other hand, Monica Rambeau, the SWORD agent who was expelled by Wanda, plans to rescue Wanda, as the organization’s plans show her worst intentions. In a dialogue, Darcy reveals to Monica that her passage through “The Hex” has changed her DNA and that a new entrance to this place could cause her something.

This could be the way to introduce Monica’s superpowers, and like in the comics to become definitively “Photon”, a metahuman with powers to transform and handle energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. Monica was introduced in the comics as the second Captain Marvel and joined the Avengers for a time. He was also a member of Nextwave and the last Ultimates team. It is also known as Pulsar and as of 2013, Spectrum.

But also the relationship between Wanda and Vision are not at their best, and she is losing control of what is happening with Vision, her children and especially with her brother. The people of Westview seem to have a more normal life if they are within the scope of Wanda, but those who are further away seem deprogrammed and suffering. This is discovered by Vision, who realizes that these people need help and tries to leave the dome to ask for help.

But this shows that he cannot get out of that world, because in reality he will disintegrate. It is from this situation that the children begin to demonstrate their superpowers, with Tommy being the one who shows the ability to read Billy’s mind, since he listens and sees much more of his abilities later on, for the better or for the worse. Wanda.

The great climax of the episode will come in the last minutes of the episode, with Vision, understanding something of what is happening and trying to break through the great wall of “The Hex.” Upon exiting that false reality, his body begins to disintegrate. When Wanda is warned of this situation, she increases the limits of the dome she created over Westview.

This is perhaps the strongest and most shocking scene seen so far in the series, already entering an MCU of the purest essence. The heartbreaking moment left many with their mouths open and puzzled without knowing what would really happen with each of the people who remained inside the dome created by Wanda.

That will then be the great challenge of chapter 7, which will have a lot to answer and clarify, already anticipating the grand finale in the ninth episode on March 5, where it will surely be possible to know who is behind all this or if it is Wanda the great manipulator of the history.

Now, in that sense, the main questions that arise range from What will happen to all those who entered the Dome when Wanda expanded it? Will they have powers after entering it without protection, as it seems to have happened with Monica? did Jimmy and Monica save? Who is the friend Monica was going to meet? How far will her power be limited to spread the false reality of Westview? Who are Pietro and Agnes really? And What about Vision after having been on the brink of physical disintegration?

But with regard to the android, a moment that puzzled all fans arises in the conversation that Vision had with Agnes, in the meeting he has with her before leaving the limits of Westview. In it he realizes his limited memory. “You are an Avenger. You’re Vision, are you coming to help us? ”Agnes mentions as Vision unlocks her mind. However, the synthezoid can only answer: “What is an Avenger?”

Clearly this line puzzled since it is not only part of the group that safeguards planet Earth, but it is one of the most powerful. The answer would be related to the lack of the true Stone of the Mind, which was taken by the Avengers from Loki’s scepter and with it Tony Stark and Bruce Banner managed to bring it to life. In essence it is his unlimited source of power, it also gave him personality and with the passage of time it functioned as his memory until Thanos ended his life to brutally take away the powerful space relic in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

In relation to the true villain of the story, there are more and more clues that point out that Mephisto, the lord of Hell in the marvelist imaginary, may be the great villain in the shadows of “WandaVision”. While the return of Evan Peters as Pietro / Quicksilver has only fueled theories. It is that the appearance of Wanda’s brother remains a mystery, which may not be solved until the end of the season, and fans are already clamoring to see Mephisto in him

Is that last Friday’s episode already gave enough clues that Pietro knows more than he claims to know, although he claims not to remember why his appearance has changed. Perhaps Wanda, in her quest to get her brother back, has managed to bring him back, or perhaps there are other hidden forces at work to finally make chaos take over the MCU again.

Another time to take into account to find clues is the classic commercial, which was also a hallmark from the first episode with clearly detectable or not references, generating more mystery. This time the last of them was pure stop-motion animation, quite disturbing, and the strangest so far in the series. so there are several theories about its meaning, especially considering that for the first time there are no humans in it.

Until now the ads had followed a chronological order, moving from the metaphor about the Stark Industries bomb that left Wanda and Pietro orphans, to a couple of HYDRA references that experimented with the Maximoffs after their childhood events and finally the mishap of Lagos in which the Avenger murdered several people by accident and opted in the Sokovia agreements.

But the sixth episode is about a Yo-Magic yogurt in which a shark offers food to a young man stranded on an island, but the latter fails to open the container and finally dies. The theories and explanations are several: One has to do with Vision, whom Wanda evidently resurrected inside the Hex, and it would be the hungry young man from the commercial who cannot access his memories or past since he is supposed to be dead.

Another has to do with HYDRA and the power it awakened in Wanda when they experimented with it before the premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The shark would be HYDRA and the yogurt the Gem of the Mind. Another theory suggests that the starving child actually represents Pietro, since, despite Wanda’s magical powers, he was unable to do anything to save his twin. One more hypothesis is that the shark is actually Mephisto and the lonely child is Wanda when she was left without her loved ones.

“WandaVision” is on its way to its spectacular finale and the last chapters are supposed to have a longer duration, especially the last one that is known by its creators will be imposing and emotionally satisfying for the fans. In that sense Jac Schaeffer, head of the series who affirmed that the end will be revealing and will leave everyone happy.

But he also expressed about the series: “It is wonderful to see these characters move on to other projects, but what I wanted was for WandaVision to feel complete and for there to be a real emotional catharsis that the public can experience for themselves. “WandaVision” is a show that is a mental confusion, as it is working on many levels, and there are many notions of what is real and what is not, and the performance, the cast, the audience, the fandom and all that ” .

The outcome of this great success of Marvel in Disney Plus is just around the corner and there is still much to answer since nothing is said and everything is possible, especially in the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and much more as it unfolds within a reality alternative. In this way, that conclusion that will leave everyone happy, will also leave open plots to continue expanding in the films “Spider-Man 3” (2021) and “Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness” (2022).



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