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Four models? 120 Hertz? More display and less “notch”? When Apple invites you to the product presentation today and presumably shows the new iPhone 13, you will have known a lot before. This is probably one of the reasons why Apple insiders prefer to talk about an iPhone 14 now.

from Markus Zottler | 5.30 a.m., September 14, 2021


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This is what the new iPhone 13 series could look like © EverythingApplePro

It’s news Apple doesn’t really like to hear in front of an iPhone presentation. As has now become known, it goes Legal dispute over payment rules in the in-house app store – Apple is fighting in a multi-faceted legal battle against Fortnite developer Epic Games – into the next round. After a few setbacks and concessions, Apple already looked like the sure winner, a Californian district judge decided in favor of the smartphone manufacturer on essential points. But now Epic Games appeals, the dispute continues.

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Apple itself is deliberately cautious about current developments. At least today, Tuesday, the company’s own presentation should be the focus of attention. away 7 p.m. Central European Time The group invites you to a product presentation under the motto “California Streaming”, and the new iPhone series will almost certainly be presented in the evening.

Four iPhone models expected

The good, optionally annoying, tone of an Apple presentation also includes the “leaks” in advance. In other words, all of the information that circulates through the World Wide Web, but which Apple neither confirms nor denies. You want to keep your attention simmering.

What do you think you already know about the new iPhones?

For months, the leaks have been in agreement when it comes to that Housing of the new iPhone range goes. In addition to the shrunk “notch” on the front of the devices, the arrangement of the cameras on the back of the smaller models is visually striking iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. Which means that the name of the new series, which will probably consist of four parts in total, should be pretty much cleared up.

For technical experts: The new iPhones should increase the refresh rate up to 120 Hertz can increase. So far, the maximum has been 60 Hertz, and the increase should make transitions even smoother. In contrast to this, a feature that is easy to grasp by the human eye could also be added: The “Always-on-Modus“, in which status and notifications are constantly shown.

Also in Things pricing one is usually well-informed in circles – and there are very, very many of them around Apple – already quite sure. What has long been considered cemented anyway: The top model of the new range will again go well above the $ 1,000 mark.

What else could Apple show today besides the iPhone? A new generation of the Apple Watch. This could include a new edition of the headphones and crisis winners AirPods to be shown. Last but not least, but here even the emphatically offensive sources keep a low profile, and they always come up with their own Augmented-Reality-Brille called by Apple.

Prosser: Only the iPhone 14 will pay off

By the way: Jon Prosser, allegedly most famous of all iPhone prophets, doesn’t want to spend too long with the iPhone 13. He prefers to talk about the iPhone 14, the successor to the newcomer that has not yet been presented. This, according to Prosser, should be really spectacular. For example, because it is to be offered with a frame made of extremely hard titanium. In addition, the now presumably shrunk “notch” could disappear completely. Just like the “camera hump” on the then flat back of the devices.

But it’s best to see for yourself:

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