Monday, 10 Dec 2018

What's happening on TV tonight: 'The Ranch', Part One

The Ranch (Netflix streaming) The sixth part of the series features a failing professional athlete returning home to help manage the family ranch. Pictured: Dax Shepard, left, and Ashton Kutcher. (Greg Gaynei / Netflix)

(All the time is.)


Bad blood (Netflix streaming) A crime drama that follows the family of Montreal's mob Rizzuto.

Dogs from Berlin (Netflix streaming) A cop ends up having controversial links with a murder case.

The connection plan (Netflix streaming) Elisa cracks up for the male escort her friends hired to help her deal with a breakup. English subtitles.

Pine Gap (Netflix Streaming) Spies interact in a US-Australian defense facility.

ReMastered: Who killed Jay, master of jams? (Netflix Streaming) Jam Master's friends and family of Run-DMC continue to search for answers and conclude.

I arrived there! Vacation (Netflix streaming) Beginning amateur bakers take part in holiday-themed challenges.

Christmas 5 stars (Netflix streaming) The situation deteriorated during the Italian Prime Minister's trip to Budapest.

The same american (Netflix streaming) Social media stars such as Paris Hilton and Brittany Furlan are dealing with the ups and downs of Internet fame.

Dumplin ' (Netflix streaming) A Texas girl takes part in a beauty contest to prove her point of view on the standards of beauty.

Christmas lost and found (Lifespan at age 8) A New York event organizer spends Christmas with his family after years gone by.


The RuPaul Holi-slay Spectacular Drag Race (VH1 to 8) Former competitors return to compete for the title of "Drag Race Christmas Queen".


Love after blocking (WE to 9) Season 2.

Final mid-season

Blind spot (NBC at age 8) Remi finally arrives at Shepherd as New York faces a nuclear threat

Late at night

Tonight show / Fallon (NBC at 11:34) Ice Cube, Amber Heard, Elvis Duran.

Late Show / Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Kathy Griffin, Emma Willmann.

Sarah Polus


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