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What's inside every day of the calendar of the adventures' cruel joke & # 39; Celebrations revealed

Chocolate lovers were outraged by the advent calendar of Celebrations after only two days, while people called it a "cruel joke".

Many chocolate lovers were not happy to find a small Bounty bar on the first day, while others were not happy to find a small Snicker on the second day.

And it does not seem like Galaxy fans will be impressed as we reveal what is behind the rest of the red doors.

Many were furious with the advent calendar after discovering a Snickers after the disappointment of the Friday Bounty.

But now, Galaxy fans will have to wait until Tuesday Tuesday to receive their favorite treat – unless to yield to the temptation and not to go ahead or open all the doors.

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There are only two Galaxy Caramels in the Advent calendar, but four Snickers

The first Malteser will appear the next day, December 12.

But things keep getting worse for those who do not like Snickers and Bounty, who will appear three more times each in December.

There are only two Twixes, two Galaxies, two Galaxy Caramels and three Maltesers.

Fans of the Milky Way will be delighted because there are also four nougat treats in the calendar.

Chocolate lovers were impressed when they discovered a Bounty behind the first door

What is in the Advent calendar each December day?

  1. Premium
  2. Snickers
  3. March
  4. Milky Way
  5. Twix
  6. Premium
  7. Milky Way
  8. March
  9. Milky Way
  10. Snickers
  11. Galaxy
  12. Malteser
  13. March
  14. Twix
  15. Malteser
  16. Milky Way
  17. Premium
  18. March
  19. Snickers
  20. Galaxy Caramel
  21. Premium
  22. Snickers
  23. Galaxy Caramel
  24. Galaxy and Malteser

But on Christmas Eve, there will be both a Malteser and a Galaxy in a double festive treatment.

As the debate over candy continues, a survey has classified chocolates from best to worst.

Of the eight chocolates to choose from, there was a favorite, according to the manufacturer Mars Inc., which surveyed chocolate lovers and divided the results into five age groups.

The American firm said Teasers Maltesers was the winner, at the top of the five categories (18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and over 55).

Maltesers Teasers at the head of a recent survey

Galaxy seemed to be the second favorite of the British, followed by Galaxy Caramel and Twix .

Despite the hustle and bustle of the Advent calendar, Premium and Snickers are not the least preferred. This distinction went to March although it seems that many are not fans of Milky Way .

To see the details of the results, click HERE.

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