What’s on today? | State of the Union, We Are: The Brooklyn Saints, The Sunken City Z – A Fresh Start for Marriage?

State of the Union

A wine, a beer and then it’s off to marriage counseling. Tom and Louise meet every week shortly before their appointment for marriage counseling in a bar and discuss important questions: Do we still love each other? Or is it just a common love for crossword puzzles that holds us together? The Miniserie „State of the Union“ comes from the pen of Nick Hornby and convinces with charm and dialog wit. The long version runs at 11:35 p.m. in First and is then in the ARD-Media library available.

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints

A football project that’s more than just the sport: At Brooklyn Saints it means family and solidarity. In east New York, 7 to 13 year old boys can take part in the project and are actively supported by their parents and trainers. The four-part documentary series “We Are: The Brooklyn Saints” accompanies the team for one season and also focuses on the personal stories of the athletes. The series now runs on Netflix.

The sunken city Z

Percy Fawcett stumbles upon traces of an unknown civilization during an expedition in the Amazon region. He is convinced of its existence and a city that belongs to it, but nobody in his native England believes him. With the aim of finding evidence for the city “Z”, he returns to the jungle and puts himself in even greater danger than before. You can watch the adventure film “The Sunken City Z” open today at 8:15 p.m. Art look at.

What’s on today?

We shed light on the streaming jungle. In “What’s going on today?” We click through media libraries and streaming providers – so that you don’t have to do it. You can find our recommendations every day wherever there are podcasts.

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