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Whatsapp and Facebook: How to make free video calls? It is possible

by drbyos

WhatsApp and Facebook:How to make free video calls? It is possible. We are crossing an era in which socialization must be at a distance and this is well known by the giant of social networks, so it has made available to its users a new Messenger app, this time for the desktop.

Messenger is the service of Facebook instant messaging, and although it is true that it does not have the number of users it has WhatsAppIt is still one of the main options to connect with our Facebook friends.

In fact, Facebook has reported that in the last month it has had a growth of 100 percent of users of Messenger on the Facebook website. For this reason it has decided to launch a desktop app, much more complete and with the functionalities that we can find in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

New Messenger app for Windows and macOS

The new app has been launched in Windows and macOS, and one of its main advantages has to do with the size of the screen. And is that new Messenger app It allows make group calls with several people at the same time, in true Zoom style.

The new Messenger for Windows and macOS is now available in stores for each operating system. Facebook It does not distribute an executable, so the only way to install the app is by entering the store and downloading it.

Whatsapp is also included

According to a statement from Facebook group video calls and the messages in all the applications of the ecosystem of Facebook -Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp– have increased.


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