WhatsApp changes the conditions. See what awaits you if you don’t accept them

If users wish to continue using the WhatsApp application in full, they must confirm that they agree to the new terms by May 15 at the latest. Otherwise, people were at risk of deleting their account.

But in the end, no one will lose. People who do not confirm the new conditions will be able to use the application even after May 15. However, this will be accompanied by a number of restrictions. “If you do not accept the terms by this date, your account will not be deleted. However, you will not be able to use WhatsApp in full until you accept the terms,” ​​WhatsApp said on the website.

However, the person concerned must take into account that a notice will pop up at all times, asking them to agree to the new conditions. If they still do not accept the new rules, they will lose certain functions.

Users will not have access to the conversation list. However, they will still be able to receive incoming phone calls and video calls. In addition, they will only be able to respond to messages via alerts. After a few weeks, however, even this will no longer be possible.

In some countries, WhatsApp requires access to Facebook data sharing in some countries. Under that application falls. In addition to the IP address or telephone number, the company will also learn about users’ financial transactions, including the method of payment or the amount.

The rules were to enter into force in February. However, Facebook decided to postpone their introduction due to a wave of criticism from users. However, the new conditions have two variants, for users from the European Union and for users from outside the EU.

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People in the European Union can relax, because technology companies have to comply with stricter rules on personal data protection, especially because of the GDPR. WhatsApp cannot require these users to share data with other companies.

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