WhatsApp deep links, what are they for?

The new function of WhatsApp was released a few days ago. It is about the deep links (Deep Links in English) that allows users of the application to descargar an exclusively packages regional, which can then be used to gain access to Benefits without having to go through the official store.

Deep links allow you to download complete sticker packages to later use with the application in different conversations. Deep Links are increasing and as you update your app, either in Android or iOS (iPhone). Once you have the latest version, you can access more packages of stickers. What you have to know is that they are real and always carry the acronym “wa.me”.

With these links you can download, for example, some stickers containing a new package called “vaccines for all” with which users can be made aware of the importance of vaccination.

In addition to downloading regional packages, the application can allow us to use these new deep links to enable new content without having to go through any other page, regardless of whether it is official.

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In this way, these deep links allow you to enjoy stickers that will be used to be used in any whatsapp chat where it is worth using them.

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