WhatsApp enables dark mode as of today

As of this day, the dark mode of the instant messaging application WhatsApp is already available for devices iOS Y Android.

According to the American company, the objective of this tool is to reduce visual fatigue in places where there is low light.

It also details that it will also help save the cell phone battery.

“The dark mode of WhatsApp offers a new image of a known experience. This tool is designed to reduce eye strain in places with low light and can reduce battery consumption, and we hope it helps to avoid those awkward moments when the phone lights up the room. ”

For the dark mode design, the application noted that readability and hierarchy of information were prioritized.

For users who have iOS 13 and Android they will have to enter the configuration of their system to activate it. Meanwhile, those with Android 9 and past versions should go to WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Choose theme> and select “Dark”.

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