WhatsApp: five highly anticipated features for 2019


Apparently, WhatsApp instant messaging application seems one of the most complete communication level. It has improved a lot in recent years betting, if possible, on the new conversational phenomena that were emerging. New resources that have been included in its platform, but which surprisingly does not relent in its efforts to continue adding functionalities.

Meanwhile, the service owned by Facebook prepares a battery of updates that, according to specialized media, are already being tested in a trial version and that, presumably, can be released for all users in the coming months.

Some, for example, may generate some controversy such as the ability to share Facebook statuses. A measure that has not yet received the approval by European regulators, who in recent years have put the magnifying glass on the service for possible monopolistic practices.

Share Facebook statuses

As reported by the specialized media "WABetaInfo" in June, the "app" had given the green light to further integrate the States, that successful functionality that allows sharing publications that disappear after twenty-four hours. Well, it is a function that, according to the first details that have transpired, will allow its users to share their ephemeral stories through Facebook.

For this, and from the moment it is available, users will find a new tool in «My Status» that will be called «Add to Facebook». Which means that it will not be an automatic process. If you have already installed the Facebook application, the service will redirect the user directly to your profile in order to share that content directly from your WhatsApp status. Synchronizing both publications can open an intense debate among privacy advocates.

Dark mode
Another of the most anticipated WhatsApp options that can come true this year is a dark mode well integrated throughout the service. The objective is that users do not lose sleep and the effects of the intense lights of the mobile phone screens are lower.

At the moment, it is in tests but it is mainly designed to be consumed in a more relaxed way in moments of low luminosity like night. An interesting decision since technology companies have been trying to focus on the health of people for some time.

Lock by fingerprint
In order to improve some aspects of your privacy, WhatsApp has also been studying the possibility of adding a fingerprint-based system to avoid gossip messages. Still in tests, this option will allow to unblock all the content by means of a biometric data (the fingerprint or the face through the facial recognition system).

Of course, remember that although WhatsApp is blocked, it is still possible to answer calls and respond to messages from notifications that appear in the service control center.

Add contacts by QR code
There will be more options to add to your contacts. That is, at least, what can be detached from the captures and details that have transpired in recent weeks. Although perhaps it is the most revolutionary in the world, WhatsApp is thinking about the possibility of adding contacts through QR code.

It will work as an identification code in which the number and the profile of the user will appear. The person who wants to add it will only have to scan the QR through the application. By the way, this method can be revoked at any time. This system may be useful for companies, which may publish their QR code on their websites.

The arrival of animated stickers
In addition to these functions, WhatsApp wants to further enhance one of the most successful graphic resources in recent times, the so-called "stickers" or stickers used to personalize conversations. In a future update, animated stickers are expected to be added. So the chats will be more fun. (tagsToTranslate) whatsapp (t) five (t) functions (t) expected (t) 2019


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