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Whatsapp: how can you become an emoji

by drbyos

WhatsApp It is one of the most used platforms in the world, that is why there are constantly applications that can make it more entertaining, since last year the ‘memojis’ have gained popularity and today we will tell you how to make yours.

Since last year the ‘memojis have been a trend There are several ways to create yours in WhatsApp groups, if your phone is i phone you can create it directly from the WhatsApp application, and if you device is android You can do it from a third-party app.

To create your memoji from i phone there is a system that serves to create memojis that integrates them directly on the keyboard, just go to the part where three dots appear next to the previously created memojis.


A window will open where you can create a new memoji, edit it, duplicate it or delete it if you don’t like it, you can make one that is like you or you can get creative and make new designs, the application allows you to make hair changes, skin tone and facial features.

To do it from Android It is through an application called Bitmoji and that is used in a way very similar to the one we have commented on i phone, only in this case you can create your memoji from a selfie.

It can also be through an application named Zepetus, which works in a very similar way to Bitmoji and with which you only need to take a sefie so that your memoji is automatically generated, only in this application you can dress your avatar for an additional cost.


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