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Whatsapp: How to read messages without triggering the blue tick

Every Whatsapp user knows the Crux with the blue ticks: On the one hand, they are useful to see whether the other party has already read the message.

On the other hand, they also reveal if you did it yourself – and just didn’t have the time or desire to answer. Then comes a much too quick “Why don’t you answer? You saw it after all.” We reveal how to read the news without the tell-tale ticks.

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How to prevent the blue tick

Unfortunately, the simplest solution is also the most radical: If you are constantly annoyed by the pressure of the blue hooks, you can simply switch it off completely. The disadvantage: you can no longer see whether your own messages have already been read. Those who can live with it will find the option in the settings. In fact, you quickly get used to not seeing any blue ticks at all.

A little less elegant: If you switch on the flight mode before reading, you also prevent the blue ticks from appearing. The clear disadvantage is that they pop up when they reactivate the Internet. So it is only a very entertaining solution.

How to read the news without a tick

It is very easy to read the news on iPhone without the ticks appearing. This is easiest on the lock screen, but you can also read the messages in the notification center. To do this, just swipe the message to the left and select “Show”. You can already see the whole message and can even reply – without triggering the hook. If several messages have arrived, you must first tap the stack to expand the individual messages.

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It has been even easier since iOS 13: With the current system, you can save yourself swiping and simply keep the notification pressed for a long time. The preview pops up.

This is how it works with Android smartphones

Android smartphones are also very easy. When a message arrives, you simply have to pull the pop-up at the top down instead of tapping on it. Incidentally, this also works in the notification center. You can also reply to messages quickly at both locations – also without triggering the blue check mark.

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