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WhatsApp introduces an important feature for its users

Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: A large number of social media users circulated images indicating the existence of a new feature, which was not present before for users of the “WhatsApp” application, especially after updating the application with its latest version on software download platforms.

Users of the application, through their posts on “Facebook” and “Twitter”, shared pictures showing the new feature of playing audio files and audio recordings sent through the WhatsApp application, while browsing the phone.

A number of users indicated that WhatsApp previously required users to stay in the conversation without exiting so that the recording would not stop while listening to it through the application, but during the new feature it became possible to exit the conversation and browse other conversations without stopping the audio recording, which is what It allows browsing and listening at the same time, which makes it easier for users to do many things like listening to one person and talking to another person at the same time.

The text messaging application is adding many new features, which are scheduled to work on all phones, whether Android or Apple, and the company is working to test these advantages before its official launch very soon, as the application always tries to update its services to suit the speed and life of users. .

The application also aims to add a number of features from other applications such as “Facebook” and “Instagram”, as it works to allow application users to interact with other people’s messages with more “emoji” symbols, similar to what can be done in Messenger and Instagram conversations, where the user presses on The message he wants to respond to, then puts the appropriate expression, for the members of the group to see.

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