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WhatsApp launches a new function for group video calls




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WhatsApp is striving to make the insulation as user-friendly as possible. If a few days ago the “app” owned by Facebook launched a new function aimed at fighting hoaxes, has now announced, via Twitter, that it will be possible to carry out video calls with various contacts through group chats. An addition that will facilitate conducting video conferences with several people.

It should be remembered that WhatsApp only allows videoconferences with a maximum of four users, so, in case you want to start a call from a group that contains a larger number, it will be necessary to choose the four people with whom you want to hold the conference.

As for the procedure to be followed, it is exactly the same as when a normal video call is made with a single person. The user must open group in question and “click” on the phone shaped icon you will see in the upper right corner. This done, you will have to select all four members, at most, with which you want to have a video call.

Once you have clicked on the contacts, you will see how the option of making a normal call, or a video conference, is displayed, represented by an icon shaped like a video camera.


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