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Whatsapp: New video function for less data consumption


Whatsapp tests function for less data consumption

How to use WhatsApp properly

How to use WhatsApp properly

The messenger service is Germany’s most widely used chat program. However, many users are not familiar with its functions. We explain what the app can do.

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Sending videos with your mobile phone uses up a lot of data volume. A new function in Whatsapp promises users more control.

Berlin. At Whatsapp should it be possible in the future to send a Videos to determine the size of the file – and thus data volume to save. The “Video Quality” function is still under development, but will later be made available to all users via an update. This is reported by the specialist site “WABetaInfo”.

Accordingly, users can then choose between the options “Auto”, “Best quality” and “Data saver”. With “Auto” Whatsapp determines the compression rate for the video itself; with “Best quality” the file is uploaded in the highest quality and thus uses the most data. The “Data saver” option compresses the file size to save data. Interesting too: How to update Wahtsapp on your smartphone

This screenshot from “WABetaInfo” shows what the feature might look like:

Instead of Whatsapp – rush to signal app after tweet from Elon Musk

The report from “WABetainfo” does not mention a release date for the new function. Whatsapp has only recently started testing a function and then deleting it. The messenger responded to criticism from privacy advocates.

The service has been sharing user data with the parent company Facebook since mid-May. Now many users are looking for alternatives. For example, the provider Signal was able to quintuple within a few days after a tweet from billionaire Elon Musk. (küp)

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