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WhatsApp: online shopping soon available

Facebook continues to bring new features to its applications. Soon, users will be able to make purchases online. Thus, they will discuss with advisers or “bots” to request a product catalog and fill their basket.

It will soon be possible to make purchases online through messaging WhatsApp. It is in any case the ambition of Facebook which owns the application, reports Engadget Friday 23 October.

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WhatsApp could thus be equipped with a shopping platform. Users could thus chat with online traders. Either with an advisor, or with a robot, or “bot”, which reacts to keywords using artificial intelligence. It would also be possible to consult a catalog of products and by connecting your credit card, to fill a virtual basket before having objects delivered.

No date specified

Being able to receive a catalog was already possible on WhatsApp, and the concept is being developed on Facebook and Instagram. But the new version presented by the company is more advanced and in principle easier for the user, reports Ouestfrance.

The video announcing these novelties shows a young woman taking over an empty room, and using the network to buy all the supplies needed to transform it. Facebook has not yet given any information regarding when this new feature will be available.


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