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WhatsApp presents a function that allows you to hide sensitive conversations from prying eyes | Technology

Archived Mode is already in the testing phase. A new feature comes to WhatsApp that promises to give users a lot of play to hide uncomfortable or very personal conversations.

WhatsApp has just released a new update to its trial program that includes a long-awaited feature. The testers of this messaging app can now start experimenting with Archived Mode.

We all have a conversation or group chat that we want to run away from from time to time or hide from the rest of the world, Archived Mode you can solve these two problems and a few more. This novelty allows you to archive conversations and hide them in a separate folder, they will no longer be so visible.

Conversations that end up in that archive folder will be immediately muted, so you will not receive notifications and new messages will not be displayed on the main WhatsApp page with other conversations.

By being silenced and set aside in a certain way, this function allows each user to use it as they see fit, to hide private conversations from prying eyes or to silence a little more annoying chats, for example, on vacation. If you don’t want to know anything about a family chat in a season but you don’t want to delete it so as not to look like an edge in front of the whole family or if you need a break from the office chat where only memes are sent

There are many possible use cases for this function, although the application allows you to lower the intensity of the effect with the option of Keep chats archived. As explained in WABETAInfo, the archived conversations folder remains at the top of the chats list, indicating how many of those archived chats have new messages.

At the moment it is necessary to sign up for the beta version of WhatsApp to test this function, which is accompanied by another. Chats that have no activity after 6 months will be automatically hidden in the archived section.

These test functions can take a few weeks or months to reach the general WhatsApp public, since they usually pass numerous tests and some changes if they have received a bad rating. However, it is interesting to know the work that developers are preparing to improve the application.

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